Rihanna Gives Out Ultimatum to Drake to Win Her Back, Find Out What it Is

By @Ze_Charm on

It was bound to happen. The blossoming romance between Rihanna and Drake is making fans all over the world anticipate the next move from the couple. However, just like in any relationship, the pair is currently experiencing some bumps in their love affair, as previously reported here on IBTimes.

Despite the growing tension between the couple, the "Diamonds" singer allegedly gave the Canadian rapper an ultimatum to make things right and to win her back. According to a report by Hollywood Life, Rihanna has told Drake to step up his game in the relationship. Riri wants the rapper to exert more effort and be the guy she had fallen in love with in the first place.

"I wouldn't say they're broken up but they're at a standstill, a pause if you will. Put it like this, Rihanna likes him - a lot - and she's not trying to lose him... She doesn't know how to grasp the situation, meaning him wanting to hustle and focus on work. She gets it but still thinks he should be able to make time for him no matter what. She's a woman and she wants to be put on a pedestal," reveals a close source to the couple in a report by Hollywood Life.

It can be remembered that the Canadian rapper claimed that Rihanna was being "too needy" and that she needed to loosen up so that he could focus on her career. From the onset, Drake has showered Rihanna with the royal treatment. Now that their officially an item, Rihanna is disappointed over the sudden waning of enthusiasm on Drake's part.

"Real talk, she wouldn't even be tripping this hard if he didn't come hard with the flattering in the beginning. She think it's his fault for spoiling her rotten...she got used to it, used to feeling like the only girl in the world - even bigger than the almighty dollar itself - and then he stopped. That's not the business and she hates when guys do that," revealed the source further to Hollywood Life.

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