Rihanna Fashion Line Debut: Hit or Miss?


Rihanna's first fashion line launched at the London Fashion Weekr got mixed reviews from "slutty" to "high fashion".

As an accomplished performer, Rihanna's move to venture into the world of fashion is not entirely surprising. The 25-year-old is often seen in the covers of various fashion magazines all around the world. She is also known to make her mark in high-profile events donning her trademark provocative threads and designer streetwear.

Her first collection with British retailer River Island is as daring as Rihanna's regular uniform, but it is not quite as universally embraced.

 The Daily Beast's Tom Sykes dubbed it a "horror show" and "porny", adding that the fashion show of the singer was "a tiresome, underwhelming and uninspired marketing exercise."

Harsh words, but Sykes makes his point clearly: Rihanna's skin-tight crop tops, thigh-skimming dresses and skimpy bottoms do not fit well with the sophisticated high-fashion crowd at London Fashion Week.

Alex Rees of New York Magazine was a bit more diplomatic saying the much-hyped collection "didn't prove quite as exciting as it could've been." He adds the clothes will still sell well at River Island due to Rihanna's association with the line.

The Stay singer defends her pieces in an interview with GraziaDaily. "Everyone can wear this line," Rihanna says. "It's not costume, it's not too sexy. It's very easy and laidback."

There are fans of the collection who agree with the superstar. MTV was very complimentary to the River Island collection saying they are "totally on-board with her comfy girly-yet-grunge pieces."

Elle UK, who has Rihanna as their cover girl on April, backs the singer-turned-designer as well. Fashion Director Anne-Marie Curtis calls Rihanna's debut designs as "an ode to all things high fashion."

Although her first taste of the serious world of fashion did begin with a debate on her success, just like everything in Rihanna's career, all eyes are on her.

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