Rihanna and Drake Spotted Leaving Club Together: Are They Dating?

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The "Pour it Up" singer Rihanna still has the hots for fellow singer Drake. According to reports, the two left an upscale bar in West Hollywood, the Hooray Henry's Nightclub, for some past midnight action. It is not clear, however, if the two are indeed dating. Rihanna apparently left earlier to be followed seconds after by Drake. The two hailed a taxi and drove off to pure bliss-or so what reports say.

According to Jezebel, close insiders revealed that the two famous pop stars sat in a same booth in the nightclub, and acted all lovey dovey with each other. Drake and Rihanna have a history together-the two started out dating after RiRi broke of all ties from her boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Could it be that the two are rekindling their romance? From the looks of it, Riri is trying to make up for their failed relationship. It was reported that during the duration of Drihanna (yes, that's Drake + Rihanna), the Carribean singer still could not get her hands off singer Chris Brown.

Other reports even revealed that the "Pour it Up" singer just considered Drake as a friend-because she could not resist the love-hate relationship she had with Chris Brown. Drake, being the martyr he is, apparently understood this and still continued to hangout with the 25-year old singer.

It seems that Rihanna really cannot move on from her ex-lover Chris Brown, even after the latter hit her several times in an anger fit. The assault came after Chris Brown got annoyed after countless interrogations from Rihanna. The famous 2009 assault has landed  Chris Brown a 52 week stint in a domestic violence rehab. Despite the falling out with the public over the incident, Chris Brown was able to win back the heart of Rihanna, even for just a short time.

Looks like the Knight in Shining Armor Drake is finally getting full attention from Rihanna. The spotting of the duo in the nightclub is just the tip of the iceberg-we're betting that more public sightings of the two are going to happen in the future. Do you think that this would be the one from Rihanna? 

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