Rihanna and Drake Not Yet Official But Very Happy

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Despite rumors that Rihanna and Drake are splitting up, the two cannot be happier and more contented with each other with their exclusively dating status. They are not shying away from the cameras either, showing off their love for each other on the rapper's world tour. The two just need to make their relationship official, but when it comes to their actions and words, no one can really doubt what they are to each other.

 "She's just happy to be in his presence and wanted by him," Hollywood Life reports.

The two singers have captured their fans attention when they announced that they are starting to date exclusively, especially after rumors started to crop out that the two are heading to splitsville days after doing so. However, after Rihanna denied all rumors and explained Drake cannot do that to her, the two really have been inseparable ever since, even without the distinguishing label.

Rihanna is so 'happy' to know that Drake 'belongs to her' Hollywood life claims.

"Nothing is official in terms of their relationship but they're still dating and sleeping with each other exclusively," the report detailed.  "You'll see them out and about, holding hands and being all lovey dovey these days. It's no secret that he belongs to her and she to him but as far as them coming out and being like, 'Oh hey, look at us, it's official,' who knows when that's going to happen?"

Actions speaks louder than words after all, or at least, labels. Rihanna even flew to London from New York just to show support to her love on his tour. Afterwards, they were even seen being cozy and engaged in PDA on March 27 night.

They were also seen having dinner at Novikov, a renowned restaurant located in Mayfair London. They went directly to Tramp aftewards, for the third night in a row. The two did not leave until 4:30 AM the next day, according to Mail Online.

The two has yet to become officially an item, even though none of them are in that much of a rush to be official girlfriend and boyfriend. Rihanna's just positively glowing to be in Drake's presence and being loved by him.

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