Rihanna Disses Ariana Grande's Sexy Performance: Giggles Uncontrollably to See Ariana's Raunchy Dance Moves on 'Problem' [VIDEO]

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While the entire media is talking about how sexy and marvellous Ariana Grande's performance was at the iHearts Radio Music Festival, Rihanna had a fit of giggles to watch the 20-year-old perform on her latest hit single "Problem." The Barbados beauty was sitting in the front row as she came dressed in a see-through black dress to attend the Awards. While she sat patiently thorough most part of Ariana's performance, there was a time towards the end when she laughed uncontrollably and covered her mouth with her hands.

Ariana, who has an image of a singer who focuses more on her beautiful music than stripping down in her performances, did try to act a little sexy at this particular performance. The "Tattooed Heart" singer wore a sexy sequined black mini dress and showed off some gorgeous dance moves as she inaugurated the festival with her super powerful performance on "The Way" and "Problem."

So what was Rihanna laughing at when she saw Ariana's performance? Was it Ariana's act of getting little sexy that gave a fit of giggles to the "Pour it Up" singer? Or it was a private joke that she possibly shared with someone?

Ariana however did not seem to take notice of the "Bad Girl's" laughing diss and continued to rule the heart of her fans with her gorgeous dimples and silky voice at the iHeartRadio Music Awards at Los Angeles's Shrine Auditorium on Thursday. The singer, who is touted to be the next Mariah Carey of music industry, simply killed it with her buttery smooth voice as she performed her Iggy Azalea-assisted song "Problem." Though Iggy was not present to do the rapping part, Ariana was clever enough to cover it up intelligently.

The song "Problem" is from Ariana's yet-unreleased sophomore album and there are bright chances that it will debut in the top 10 next week on the countdown charts.

Grande kicked off the show with her other song "The Way" and mesmerized everyone with her beautiful voice and some cool and sexy dance moves. But when the saxophone kicked in to give a taste of her new single "Problem," everyone was simply glued to the stage. The singer gave her one hundred percent to the performance.

Meanwhile, check out the video below where Ariana gives a wonderful performance on her two songs "Problem" and "The Way" and see Rihanna's diss from about 1.57. Watch a decide yourself.

Source: youtube.com/iHeartRadio Music Awards

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