Rihanna Dating New Man Crush Boyfriend Mychal Kendricks? NFL Player Sends Singer a Desperate Message on 106 & Park

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Mychal Kendricks is reportedly still on the lookout for Rihanna after she posted his photo on her Instagram a couple of weeks ago for "MCM" (Man Crush Mondays). Since this shout out, the Philadelphia Eagles athlete has revealed that the pop star has left him hanging and did not attempt to even reach out. On Wednesday, Kendricks dropped by BET's 106 & Park to deliver a special message to RIhanna, who is currently in New York to promote her new MAC ad campaign.

When asked by co-hosts Keisha Chante and Bow Wow who his "Woman Crush Wednesday" is, Kendricks answered Rihanna unsurprisingly but admitted that he hasn't heard anything from her. "We have not been in contact. Nothing has changed," said Kendricks. "I have a number of followers but I have not been in contact."

Bow wow then asked Kendricks to send a message out and a blushing NFL star said, "Hi Rih, how you doin? I am here. I do not even know what to say." Could he be smitten and in love? According to MStars, Mychal wants to be Rihanna's crush everyday, trying to reach out to the "Rude Boy" singer but has yet to receive a response from her. "I was flabbergasted. It was very flattering and cool. If she sees this... then hey."

"I am in New York. It is Super Bowl Sunday," he reportedly said. "Hi Rih. I am in New York." On Monday, the Linebacker tried to sound not too desperate and joked about picking his own "MCM." He posted an Instagram photo of his brother with the caption: "Lol. This is my #MCM my brother @ekla6. Ladies, it should be yours, too."

Recent rumours also swirled that Rihanna was rekindling romance with her ex-boyfriend Drake after she celebrated her Grammy award win on Sunday by going to parties with Drake. The couple also reportedly hung out at 10Ak night club on Sat. night and got a lot of attention because of it. The date started a lot of speculations suggesting it could just be the very reason why Rihanna decided not to attend the Grammys.

In an interview with E! News at MAC's Soho New York store, the pop superstar revealed how she wishes she had a bigger butt and how she generally judges her body. "I do pick on my own body," Rihanna revealed. "It is a thing that women do. We walk in front of the mirror and just look at our butt. Did it get bigger today? Eww. It is still flat."   

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