Rihanna and Chris Martin Might be Dating, Reports

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Rihanna and Chris Martin have triggered an Internet uproar as they were seen dining together at the female singer's favorite restaurant. The two seemed to be having fun while eating at Giorgio Baldi on June 8.

After causing a buzz about her see-through gown at the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards, Rihanna was once again sparking interest among people. The songstress was recently spotted with Chris Martin.

As seen from the video of TMZ, Rihanna entered the restaurant with the assistance of her bodyguard. The artist behind the hit songs, "Please Don't Stop the Music," and "Diamond" donned a black top paired with black pants. She finished her look with red lipstick. Soon after Rihanna was spotted, the frontman of Coldplay, Chris Martin, who was wearing a shirt and a cap, accompanied and talked to her for two hours. Papparazzis could only take photos from afar. They immediately got divided as some of them went to film Chris's departure while some take a shot of Rihanna's exit. The TMZ reporter also asked a question if they were dating but she did not answer. They left separately from Giorgio Baldi.

This was another source of hype from showbiz since the two popular music icons were spotted in the said place. They first did a collaboration in 2012 for Coldplay's song, "Princess of China." Chris asked Rihanna if she would sing the piece with them. The latter agreed and the song became popular. Their music video and  their performance at the Grammys did not stir any specualtions about the two's possible hook-up. But their meeting at the resturant surely caught the attention of the media and the people.

Rihanna's refusal to reply to the reporter's question left the people speculating. Fans are starting to wonder if there is romance brewing between the two since both of themare currently single. Rihanna had broken up with Drake, also a popular hiphop artist whereas Chris Martin went separate ways with his wife of ten years, Gwyneth Paltrow.

But others thought that this might be a business meeting. Since their song got included in Billboard Hot 100,  it is still possible that the two would create another musical piece in the future.

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