Rihanna Captured in Video at Men's Bathroom with Drake: Were They Making Out? [SEE VIDEO]

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Rihanna and Drake's romance is at its full bloom. The two love birds just can't get enough of each other and were in fact spotted "making out" with each other in a men's bathroom. Yes, you heard it right. The couple was dining with friends at Manchester's Zouk Bar & Restaurant for four hours on Thursday and then they decided to take a trip to the bathroom together. The video of "Bad Girl" Rihanna entering the men's bathroom with Drake has been posted on YouTube and can be viewed below.

Rihanna enters the bathroom which has a male sign, the video shows. She throws out a man who was probably already there in the men's bathroom and shuts the door behind. One man and a huge woman are seen sitting outside the bathroom. Probably watching for Drake and Rihanna while they make out inside? After some time Drake comes of the bathroom wearing a white T-shirt and tries his best to look normal, as if nothing happened between him and Rihanna in the bathroom!

"It's not clear how long the singers were in there together, but it had to have been a few minutes AT LEAST because Champagne Papi left first, and he definitely had that look about him," writes celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on his Web site.

According to xxlmag.com, Drake and Rihanna were also spotted getting cosy with each other during the meal at the Zouk restaurant. The pair has also been spotted on several dates over the past few months and their romance has not been a secret anymore. Drake and Rihanna enthralled the fans by putting on a sexy performance Drake's "Would You Like A Tour" concert in Paris.

Rihanna was not linked to anyone prior to her falling out with Chris Brown a couple of years ago when the photographs of Rihanna's battered face were splashed all over the media. Chris Brown was arrested for using force against Rihanna and causing her physical harm.

Rihanna deserves to have good times in her life and it seems Drake is any day a better choice as a boyfriend for "Diamonds" singer than Brown. What are your views?

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