‘Right There' Singer Ariana Grande Slips, Breaks Three Toes, May Delay Release of ‘Don’t Be Gone Too Long’

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The "Right There" singer, Ariana Grande, made it in headlines, not for a new single or video but because of slipping in her pet dog's urine. This may sound like a hoax news but it is true. The screenshot of a text message sent by Ariana to her manager, Scooter Braun, confirms the report as true. The caption for the screenshot says "Monday morning texts from @arianagrande are always the best. LOL. Gotta love this girl. Feel better Ari."

"Had a party last night and in front of people I slipped, slammed into a wall and broke 3 toes," she wrote to her manager, as quoted by BBC. "Had the best weekend minus my foot injury."

This painful yet 'surprisingly' hilarious incident was reported by Perez Hilton. The celebrity blogger was previously at odds with Ariana, after the blogger had started a wildfire of rumors, claiming that the Nickelodeon star was seen using cocaine. After this false accusation, fans of the “Sam & Cat” actress made it a point to bombard Hilton with spams and hate mails.

However, the news of Ariana slipping in her dog Ophelia’s pee and breaking three small toes is based on facts. Ariana is currently recuperating. Apparently at the time of the incident, the 20-year-old actress and singer was enjoying a party with some of her friends. According to reports, she did not notice that her pet dog has made a pool of urine on the floor, and ended-up slipping in it.

Ariana tweeted about the incident to her fans and the avid followers of the “Right There” singer all wished her well as she recuperates. Apparently, the singer and her friends were having a bonding experience at her house. Tattoo artists Romeo Lacoste were present at the party, as well, inking her friends.

Some are wondering if this little accident will delay the scheduled release of her song collaboration with fellow singer Chris Brown. Ariana has released a teaser on the said collaboration and it seems that the two might also have a music video for the song. This has even led to various rumors that the two singers are dating.

For now, the “Sam & Cat” star will have to wait for her foot injury to heal before she can shoot any music video. It may take a little more time since Chris Brown is still dealing with his anger management issues, but fans are already excited for the release of “Don’t Be Gone Too Long.”

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