Ride or Die Series: The Best of the Fast and the Furious 6 Cars (Part I)


The Fast and the Furious franchise is haven for all car aficionados. Those with inherent car passion can find some of the best car selections in this movie series. The sixth installment of the movie did not disappoint - even those not into cars may not just find their interests tingling with the newest car selection in the Fast and the Furious 6.

Everyone saw the Fast and the Furious to be a good movie popular for some time. No one anticipated that the franchise will become one of the most successful movie series in the industry. Too few movies make it past the third installment, the new movie is the sixth for the Fast and the Furious.

Generally, people watch the movie for its action-packed scenes. But it has also become a popular venue where car enthusiasts can also check out excellent cars. It also does not hurt those with penchant for speed can find great vehicle setups in the movie.

The Fast and the Furious 6 features a mix of modern and exotic cars. Far from its predecessors, the movie offers an incredible mix of cars not seen in the previous installments. Previously, the movies featured high powered race cars but too few or barely the classic American muscle cars. In the new installment, people can get a glimpse of some of the best classic muscle and old school race cars.

Ever thought a classic Dodge Charger can become a racing trophy? Vin Diesel shows how to transform a muscle car into a speed monarch. Plus, audience will get to see the usual family driving to their other side - right hand drive racing anyone?

Even more entertaining is the F1 inspired beasts that tramples police cars like they are the Bat Mobile. Nothing beats a good chase with good looking and excellent cars.

There were more than 400 cars used. Unfortunately, not every vehicle made it to the list.

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