Richard Lee Norris: The Inspirational Life of One Man Who Became the Face of GQ Magazine Post Full Face Transplant [Watch Video]

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We know that ‘fortune favours the brave’ and he comes across as a courageous man indeed.

Richard Lee Norris met with a devastating shot gun accident in 1997 which damaged his teeth, nose and jaw severely. He accidentally shot himself while having an argument with his mother in his home.

After living 15 long years in isolation with a distorted face and a bleeding heart, he wanted to challenge his fate. For all these sixteen years he used to hide behind a mask and only during night he could shop.

He is the first one in the world who underwent full face transplant. Doctors at Maryland Medical Centre have given him a second chance to live life after completing one of the most complex face transplants till date.

His immensely motivating story doesn’t end at this point though. After a successful recovery, Richard has made it to the cover of GQ magazine.

According to the report by The Huffinton Post, Richard Lee Norris said, "when I look in the mirror, I see Richard Norris. People used to stare at me because of my disfigurement. Now they stare at me in amazement and in the transformation I have taken.”

Norris went through 36-hour operation in 2012 which involved 150 medical staff at the University of Maryland Medical Center. This surgery was led by surgeon Eduardo Rodriguez.

He said that that he would be ever grateful to the family of Joshua Aversano, 21, who died after being hit by a van and turned into a donor for Norris’s transplantation.

Even though Norris needs to spend rest of his life on immunosuppressant drugs but his miraculous journey will splash some dazzling rays of hopes for many others.

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