'RHONJ' Star Teresa Giudice Fraud Trial Date Moved Sooner?

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"The Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Teresa Guidice and husband Joe Guidice have been charged with 41 counts of fraud in the summer of 2013. Six months after, Teresa is now ready to face the trial proceedings. She is reportedly rushing to kickoff the date of their pretrial hearing. She requested a federal judge to schedule an earlier date and plans to ask for her and Joe to have separate trials. The couple could face 50 years in prison.

The couple is charged with bankruptcy fraud, conspiracy to commit wire and mail fraud, bank fraud and making false statements on loan applications. Prosecutors claim the Guidices earned around $4.6 million in withdrawals, mortgages from home equity lines of construction and credit loans and mortgages. According to Radar Online, Teresa's lawyer has already filed a letter to move up the court date and have her trial started. "As of now, the motions' possible impact on the trial schedule, we respectfully request the Court to consider moving the hearing on retrial motions up to the earliest convenient time for the Court to hear the motions and render a decision," reads the letter.

Why would Teresa want to move up the trial? Joe has not been cooperative with the proceedings. Teresa and Joe reportedly want to have separate trials because they feel they would be able to defend themselves better separately. However, the prosecutors want them tried together. "He has provided false testimony under oath on multiple occasions," The opposition motion reads. "There is no guarantee that he would testify at all because his lawyers have previously said he would not."

 Meanwhile, there have been rumours that Teresa is already seeking divorce from Joe, who is reportedly cheating on her with a younger woman. Reports claim that: "Joe sat across from a very attractive woman, who was probably in her 30s. She had long brown hair and was dressed in knee-high stiletto boots, carrying what looked like an expensive purse."

Teresa's loyalty has also been questioned after rumours about Joe's affairs started circulating around. "I think she is finally starting to realize that she better cover her own a**. She has four kids and even supporting Joe. Could you imagine supporting some bastard who runs around spending your money on somebody else?" A source said. "Awful. I do not get it."

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