Rhonda Rousey Fractured Expendables 3 Director's Ribs During Shoot

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Cast member Ronda Rousey attends the premiere of the film "The Expendables 3" in Los Angeles August 11, 2014.
Cast member Ronda Rousey attends the premiere of the film "The Expendables 3" in Los Angeles August 11, 2014.

Rhonda Rousey was having trouble distinguishing fact from fiction, and her Expendables 3 Director got a taste first hand on the prowess of the UFC champ's prowess.

According to Between the Ropes, Patrick Hughes, the film's director, relayed that during the shooting of the film, the neophyte actress broke one of his ribs during an off-camera workshop. He recalls the first scene Rousey had to shoot in the movie which was the bar scene with Sylvester Stallone. Barney Ross, Stallone's character, eyes Rousey as she disposes a number of trouble making men in the bar where she works as the bouncer.

MMA's biggest draw was jittery for her first scene and the director noticed and tried to calm her nerves. Before the scene was shot, Rousey and Hughes apparently had this conversation:

Hughes: "Well, what do you do before a big fight?"

Rousey: "I like to spar in my room. I get that nervous energy out."

Hughes: "So, you need to hit something? Let's find something to hit."

Rousey: "But I want to hit you."

The director obliged and what followed next was a blur. The two-time Olympian instructed her to put up his arms in anticipation of a shot to the body. At that point, Hughes was just thinking that Rousey was actually up to the task and he absorbed the shot. Next day, his 7-year-old daughter noticed a black mark on the body part that Rousey punched, and a broken rib as souvenir.

Rousey now denies the claim of her director, saying that she did not make full force during the punch to fracture a rib. She did however conceded that she had first time jitters during the initial shoot that faded away once she was accustomed to the whole process. Rousey claims that her expectations was like going into a new school and being put into a corner by her fellow actors but what transpired was the exact opposite, having been showered with warmth and accommodation by the crew and fellow actors.

"I thought I was going to be like the new kid at the school when I walk into the cafeteria and everyone's like, 'you can't sit here!' That's what I thought I was walking into," Rousey said of the movie set.

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