Revenge Season 4 Spoilers: Emily Thorne vs Queen V, Conrad Grayson vs David Clarke, Jack Porter vs Ben in Speculations

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Revenge Season 4 spoilers are coming in as the production and cast have come back to filming. Fans are speculating on what happens next between Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), Conrad Grayson (Henry Czerny) and David Clarke (James Tupper), and Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) and the new guy Ben (Brian Hallisay).

Spoiler alert: This feature contains Revenge Season 4 spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Emily Thorne has become more vengeful than ever in the aftermath of Aiden's (Barry Sloane) murder in the hands of Victoria Grayson. No more holding back for the former Amanda Clarke in Revenge Season 4. But what happens when she realises her father David Clarke is alive - and perhaps even more ruthless than she has ever been the last three years?

Is Conrad Grayson really dead? Revenge Season 4 executive producer Sunil Nayar has raised a Schrodinger's cat perspective, seemingly undecided on what happens next to Daniel Grayson's (Joshua Bowman) old man. On the one hand, Henry Czerny is a great actor. On the other, it is David Clarke's time to shine (or go very, very, dark).

The latest Revenge Season 4 spoilers come in casting updates. The premiere date has earlier been revealed, as well. Unsurprisingly, James Tupper has been promoted to series regular, TVLine reported. In a separate report, the same TV scoop source revealed Brian Hallisay is playing Ben, the new attractive man in the Hamptons.

(Brian Hallisay married Jennifer Love Hewitt in Nov. 2013. They both starred on Lifetime's "The Client List.")

About a month ago, TVLine reported one of the new characters in Revenge Season 4 is Jack Porter's "childhood friend." In its latest update, Ben is "a new friend of Jack's and a local cop." TVGuide reported Hallisay "has the potential to become a series regular."

Revenger fans are speculating that this "friend" would eventually get intimate with Emily Thorne in Revenge Season 4. Jack Porter just couldn't get a break. There are also speculations that Jack and Ben would become friends soon after Jack was arrested over Charlotte's kidnapping charges.

Perhaps the writers are still mulling how Revenge Season 4 will develop further. What is certain for now is that Episode 1 is called "Renaissance." (See the spoiler on Twitter.)

Revenge Season 4 premieres on ABC on Sept. 28. The air date has been announced on Twitter by actor Gabriel Mann, who plays the fan-loved Nolan Ross.

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