Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: 'Jesus Christ' Diogo Morgado Saves, Justin Hartley Heats Up the Set? [PHOTOS]

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Revenge Season 3 spoilers are heating up, much like the sexy abs being flaunted by new star Justin Hartley (Patrick Harper) on the set. History Channel's 'The Bible' actor, 'Jesus Christ' Diogo Morgado, is also giving Josh Bowman (Daniel Grayson) a competition for the ladies' attention. So, which hunk actor will you be rooting for when the show returns?

'Jesus Christ' Diogo Morgado to Save the 'Revenger?'

Diogo Morgado played Jesus Christ in History Channel's phenomenal series. But there is no guarantee (yet) that he's playing good guy in Revenge Season 3. Will he be saving 'revenger' Emily VanCamp's Emily Thorne?

Rumours say Diogo will be interacting mostly with Ashley Madekwe's Ashley Davenport character. Ashley is leaving the Hamptons for good, but not without some impassioned good-bye. It has been confirmed she will be seen in the Revenge Season 3 premiere for the last time.

How Hot is Justin Hartley as Patrick Harper? (See photos in the slideshow)

It has been revealed Justin Hartley is playing Daniel Greyson's big brother, Patrick Harper in Revenge Season 3. Imagine a scene including these two Harper hunks with Diogo Morgado and Nick Wechsler (Jack Porter). Will Justin and Diogo also fall for Emily Thorne? More important, will there still be a wedding for Emily and Daniel?

Click through the accompanying slideshow to see Justin Hartley's exposed abs on the set of Revenger. Viewers have been used to seeing Josh Bowman's abs. But with Justin's exposed, too, the show further heats up for the ladies.    

Revenge Season 3 spoilers and scoop say Charlotte Grayson (Christa B. Allen) will not be happy upon Patrick Harper's entry into their world. Charlotte will be about six months preggers in the premiere. The new chapter will show a 5-month time jump.

So, five months after revealing her Amanda Clarke identity to Jack Porter, does Emily Thorne get Jack's forgiveness? As for Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), how will the revenger save him from the mess he's got himself into? Revenge will come back for its third (rumoured to be last) season on Sept. 29.

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