Revenge Season 3 Spoilers: Huge Changes, More Departures, Questions; Is it the Last Chapter? [PHOTOS]


Revenge Season 3 spoilers say the series will be seeing another departure. Ashley Davenport's Ashley Madekwe is leaving the drama. It's a huge piece of news to avid fans of the series, but not as huge as the Season 2 finale cliffhanger: Emily reveals to Jack she's the real Amanda Clarke. Such a huge reveal does not happen mid-series, but toward the big finale. Is it time for the final chapter for Emily Thorne?

It does seem, however, that Ashley Madekwe followers will have some closure. The character will be in Revenge Season 3 premiere, where she'd make her presumably grand exit. Ashley tweeted her hopes of dying "in a blaze of glory."

Revenge Season 3 will premiere in autumn in the U.S. Oddly, creator Mike Kelley won't be running the show, and executive producer Sunil Nayar is taking over. Despite his exit, Kelley still teased fans about something Emily would find out about her late dad. Viewers can also expect some "new big bad, different enemies," he said.

Revenge Season 3 Confession, Real Amanda Clarke: How will Jack Porter man up?

Fans are speculating on the millions of ways Jack Porter would take Emily Thorne's gutting revelation. Her vengeful path has ruined his life in unthinkable proportions. TV Guide reported Jack "will be hitting the bottle extra-hard now that he's a single dad and knows the truth about Emily." It couldn't be more complicated, considering Emily's elaborate, even diabolical, schemes.

Meanwhile, Victoria's son Patrick is also expected to change things up at the Hamptons. Will his entrance trigger more departures in the drama's future? And while at the topic of departures, what happens to Aiden in Revenge Season 3?

Some spoilers indicate that there will be a time jump in Revenge Season 3 premiere. How far away would this jump be from Declan's death? Connor Paolo's exit leaves a fatherless baby and soon-to-be even more lost Charlotte. Another character who's also lost is Emily's mother Kara Wallace. If Revenge 3 is the last season, viewers should know more about her, and her deeper connections to the Initiative and Conrad Grayson.

How bad can things get for Conrad, the most hated man in the series now? Recent developments toward Revenge Season 2 finale have placed Conrad on a path to downfall and destruction, thanks to the "Initiative." That said, how long can the series go on? Avid Revenge fans are hoping new executive producers Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts could keep things interesting in the series. More important, they should keep things interesting for Nolan Ross, one of the top favourite characters in the show.

Start the slideshow for some Revenge moments and cast photos posted to Tumblr.

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