'Revenge' Season 3 Spoilers: 10 Things to Expect from Emily Thorne and the Graysons in Next Episodes [VIDEO]

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"Revenge" Season 3 is coming back to ABC with new episodes in March. Fans could hardly wait to know how Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) wound up in Conrad Grayson's (Henry Czerny) bed. There is also a new-but-old "Grayson" to watch out for when the series returns.

Spoiler alert: This feature contains spoilers on Revenge Season 3. Read at your own risk.

Here are ten (10) of the many things "revenger" fans can expect from Emily Thorne and the Graysons in the second half of Revenge Season 3:

1. The explanation to Emily Thorne's blackouts. She doesn't know how she confronted Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane) and how she got to Conrad Grayson's bed. What is going on, Emily?

2. Queen Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) versus the former Mrs (Stevie) Grayson. Stevie (Gail O'Grady) is new to the Hamptons, but only in Emily Thorne's vengeful chapter. Being the "original" Mrs Grayson, will she have anything to do with Emily? Revenge Season 3 just got more colourful with Stevie around!

3. Patrick Harper (Justin Hartley) is losing it. Having discovered his father's background, Patrick is convinced life has not been particularly kind to him. The last time he's seen at the end of Revenge 3x13, Patrick is setting his mum's gallery on fire. Does he end his life in madness?

4. Daniel Grayson (Josh Bowman) goes dark, or way darker. No more Mr Nice Guy for Conrad's only (biological) child. In the Revenge Season 3, Episode 14 promo video, Daniel senses his wife Emily is conniving with his father. But how much does he actually know?

5. Charlotte Clarke (Christa B. Allen) starts a new lovelife. Javier (Henri Esteve), a friend of Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), wins her heart. Is this good or bad for Emily's little sister?

6. Margaux LeMarchal's (Karine Vanasse) dad is coming to the Hamptons. He's been mentioned a lot in Revenge Season 3, but revengers have yet to meet Mr Pascal LeMarchal. Halle Berry's husband, Olivier Martinez, has snagged the role.

7. Jack Porter (Nick Wechsler) and Stevie are "connected." They could be continuing a never-before-seen romance. Or, they're starting a new one. Or, there's a "surprise" connection. But what about Margaux?

8. Niko (Stephanie Jacobsen) avenges her father's death. Aiden killed Niko's dad, Satoshi Takeda. But in the Revenge Season 3 promo, Niko and Emily are caught in a femme fatale fight scene. Is it because Niko couldn't hurt Aiden?

9. Emily Thorne is in a whole new trouble in Revenge Season 3. Victoria is more relentless than ever to find out her background. What other things, fake and otherwise, would the queen uncover?

10. New plan: 'Kill them all.' Joshua Bowman's Daniel tells Emily in Revenge 3x13: "Sterilizing you was my gift to the universe." This is not going to be taken lightly. Emily Thorne is more than extremely mad. But first, she has to figure out the root of all her blackouts.

WATCH: 'Revenge' Season 3, Episode 14, 'Payback' ABC Promo on YouTube

The original air date for Revenge Season 3, Episode 14, titled "Payback" is March 9, according to TV.com. The series has a new timeslot on ABC: 10|9c.

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