Revealed: Who are they Casting in ‘Fantastic Four’ Remake? “House of Cards” Actor Signs

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The remake of "Fantastic Four" is one of the most anticipated superhero films.  According to reports, 20th Century Fox has completed the casting of the superhero quartet.  

Citing multiple-source close to the "Fantastic Four" reboot project, TheWrap reported that Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are closing their deals to star in the upcoming movie.  "Fantastic Four" is based on Marvel's comic of the same name. The books feature four astronauts who had gained super-powers after they were exposed to cosmic rays while on a mission to the outer-space.

Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara have confirmed the news by posting on social media. On February 20, 2014, Kate Mara tweeted: "Feeling a wonderful way:) #FantasticFour," confirming that she is part of the upcoming film, part of the comic book franchisee.  Kate Mara is playing the role of the 'Invisible Girl', Sue Storm, the elder sister of Jonny Storm. Sue Storm has the power to fiddle with light to make herself and others invisible.

Michael B. Jordan took to Instagram to drop a hint of his upcoming role. He posted an image of number '4', saying "FLAME ON!!" According to reports, the actor has signed on to play Johnny Storm, 'The Human Torch'. Johnny Storm can control fire and his body can project fire, as well. He can fly, too.   

Yahoo Movies reports that Milles Teller will be portraying the role of Reed Richards, 'Mr Fantastic', a scientific genius, while Jamie Bell will be playing Ben Grimm, 'The Thing'. The exposure to the comic ray has turned Ben Grimm into a craggy, orange colour humanoid with immense strength. He looks like a monster, with rock-life skin.  

Thanks to cosmic rays, Reed Richards has the ability to stretch, twist and re-shape his body. He is written as the pragmatic, father figure of the 'fantastic four' group.  

Josh Trank will be directing the new movie, while Simon Kinberg is writing the script.  "Fantastic Four" reboot is due for release on June 19, 2015. 

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