Revealed! Justin Bieber's Topless Blonde Stripper's Identity: Why is She Not Happy?

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Justin Bieber was recently is news when pictures of him sucking on huge fake breasts of a stripper were circulated in the media. Justin, along with his friend Khalil Sharief, was pictured sucking on a stripper's breasts whose face was not revealed. But now has revealed the identity of the female stripper who happened to be the hot one night stand of the Canadian crooner. Her name is Karolina and she works as a stripper in Las Vegas but is originally from Chicago, the Web site reports.

Karolina's age is reportedly pegged at 26 and TMZ reveals that she is not happy when she was called "old enough to be Justin's mom." She has huge fake breasts and Web site shows six selfies of Karolina where she is casually displaying her now-famous-Justin-Bieber-licked twin assets. But how does one recognise she is the same girl from the photograph where Justin and Khalil are seen enjoying her breasts? Well, Karolina has the same playboy tattoo that was seen in the original picture and also same huge breasts. See the TMZ picture here.

It is not been revealed how far Justin went with Karolina but various media agencies are saying that she did not shy away from getting photographed in the fake breast picture. Though Karolina's full face is not seen in the picture, one can see her lifted-up green top and even her sheer excitement from the expressions on her lips.

Justin reportedly invited Karolina and her other friends to a party in his Las Vegas penthouse in January and allegedly paid her and the other dancers thousands of dollars in cash for their extraordinary performance, TMZ reports. The girls' phones were reportedly confiscated on entering Justin's house and they were also asked to sign on a confidentiality clause barring them from revealing any juicy details of what happened during the night to the third party. is also speculating that Karolina could be a playboy bunny as she has long blonde hair and huge fake breasts, not to forget the playboy tattoo on her hipbone and her playboy back cover of the phone. What are your views?

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