Revealed :'Fast And Furious 7' Script Rewritten, Kurt Russell Calls Paul Walker's Death 'Catastrophic,'

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Fans and family of Paul Walker are still grieving his death. After Tyrese Gibson, Paul Walker's other co-star from "Fast and Furious 7," Kurt Russell shared his emotions about his death and how the production of Fast 7 is moving forward.

Kurt Russell revealed during the Sundance Film Festival, "The creative time of Fast and Furious 7 is having to rewrite, they're having to do whatever they're having to do to deal with the situation. Listen, it's catastrophic. It's the worst thing that could happen to a movie,"

Regarding Paul Walker's death, Russell further said, "But it's not as bad as what happened to Paul. So everything is in perspective. He was a terrific guy and life is full of curveballs."

Kurt Russell even told the media that: "Paul Walker was about the shoot few last scenes of the film before his tragic death." According to Russell 60 percent of the movie was finished just before Walker expired."

He was at the Sundance film festival to promote a film called "The Battered Bastards of Baseball," a documentary about his father's minor basketball league.

Kurt Russell plays father figure to Vin Diesel and Paul Walker's character in "Fast 7." Now that Walker is no more, the writers of the film will have to rewrite the script. There was buzz that Paul Walker's character Brian O'Connor will either retire or die in the film. However, Chris Morgan the writer of the film told that the script is still not finalized and the table is still open for discussions.

Paul Walker was an integral part of the Fast series and it will indeed be a challenge for writers to come up with a meaningful tribute to the actor. Killing the late actor in the film can hurt Walker's fans and family and retiring him may not do justice to his character.

The release of "Fast and Furious 7" has been pushed to April 2015 and only time will tell what writers have in minds in regards to Paul's character. 'Till then stay tuned for further updates on "Fast and Furious" release.

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