Retina MacBook Air Release Date Soon as Bigger iPad Pro Postponed

By @binibiningkd on

The Retina MacBook Air release date is coming soon as Apple is about to start the mass production of the 12 inches MacBook Air next quarter, according to Digitimes.

Quanta Computer has been entrusted with assembling the upcoming MacBook Air, which will be slightly bigger than Apple's entry-level 11 inches model in an attempt to differentiate it from the iPad Air. The 11 inches MacBook Air has a screen size similar to the iPad Air as such; making the new MacBook Air bigger will "establish a clear boundary between the two product lines."

The 11 inches MacBook Air is expected to be phased out in the future, according to speculations by Digitimes.

"As for when Apple may stop producing the 11-inch MacBook Air, the sources pointed out that the company so far still has not yet set plans to adjust the 11-inch model, but phasing out the device is a logical plan for the long term," Aaron Lee of Digitimes reported.

Just recently, Apple launched the new MacBook Air models, which pack faster and with more energy-efficient processors, which costs $100 less than the 2013 devices.

The 12 inches MacBook Air will feature a number of tweaks that will affect the battery and internal layout "while its industrial design will be similar to its existing counterparts using an unibody aluminium chassis."

Meanwhile, according to the same publication, the Cupertino tech giant wanted to mass produce a 12 inches iPad, which is unofficially called the iPad Pro in previous reports. The alleged iPad Pro has been reported to be produced in the second half of the year, but it seems that the project has been postponed. Quanta Computers has been reported to handle the production of the iPad Pro in the second half of the year as well.

On the other hand, trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that this year, Apple will only release the new Mini and Air 2 and the work-tablet "Pro" is set for next year.

"With the 12.9" iPad, we think Apple will come up with a new user interface that's more innovative and intuitive, so that input will be as efficient as a device with keyboard," Kuo revealed.

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