Resident Evil: Revelations Secrets & Unlockables on the Xbox 360


After the fiasco brought about by Resident Evil 6, the franchise makes a comeback with Resident Evil: Revelations, bringing back horror with terrifying monsters, a back story that lets you in on the floating city, and improved gameplay and graphics.

Here are some unlockables and secret modes that you can find on the Xbox 360 for Resident Evil's latest scare 'em game.

Unlocking game modes

GameTipCenter reports that there are three main game modes that you can unlock. The first is the Hell Difficulty, which you will have access to once you beat the Normal or Hard Difficulty.

Attain both the New Game + and the Raid Mode Stages when you beat the game on any Difficulty Setting.

There's the added bonus of a Trend and Abyss modes in the Raid mode, which you can attain by completing all the Raid mode stages in the Trench difficulty and Chasm difficulty respectively, reports Game FAQs.

As such, doing this will unlock the Abyss difficulty and the Trench difficulty.

Unlock and attain weapons

There are three main weapons that you can unlock and attain by passing through some obstacles. According to Cheat Code Central, the hydra shotgun will become available once you complete the game on Normal and Higher Difficulty.

You can also unlock the infinite rocket launcher by completing the game on Hell Difficulty. A PC356 handgun is also up for grabs once you defeat 150 enemies.

Unlock costumed characters

Want to see Jill as a pirate? How about Keith in a corporate office attire? Here are some of the funny and surprising costumes that you can unlock, reports GameSpot, when you follow the corresponding steps:

Unlock Pirate Jill by beating the bonus stage, The Ghost Ship

Unlock Sailor Chris by inflicting 100,000 damage on a single enemy

Unlock Ninja Keith when you reach Ninja Keith

Unlock Scuba Jessica by clearing all the stages of Trench Difficulty

Unlock Arctic Quint when you reach level 5

Unlock Executive suit Morgan when you clear all the stages of Trench difficulty with an S Rank

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