Rent-a-Boyfriend for 1 Day Solves Problem of Single Chinese Women Who Need Date for New Year Family Gatherings

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As the younger-generation Chinese have adopted western values, more emphasis is placed in having careers than raising families. This has caused a gap between the older and younger generations, felt most during family reunions when the inevitable question of marriage for single family members crop up.

One good example is that of a Chinese mother who placed a full page ad in an Australian newspaper, asking her son to come home for the New Year celebration. She also promised not to nag him anymore.

The advert, quoted by CNN, reads: "Dear Peng, I've called you many times but you don't pick up, maybe you will see this. Dad and mom won't ever force you to get married anymore, come home for Chinese New Year! From your mom who loves you."

Based on the rate card of the Chinese Melbourne Daily where the advert came out on its front page on Tuesday, the Chinese mum shelled A$2,796.80 to send her message to her son.

Although many Chinese overseas save money to come home for the New Year festivities, many of the younger ones like Peng are hesitant because of family pressure or confrontations over their love life.

Singles asking for advice on this situation is quite common in online Chinese forum when holidays approach.

A Guangzhou user asked how to explain to his family that he is unattached and has no love life. One user advised him not to go home for the New Year holidays, otherwise his parents will force him to go on a blind date or risk being scolded.

Another user recounted his mum give him an ultimatum to bring home 50,000 yuan and a wife as well, or don't come home for the holidays.

To solve the problem of single Chinese ladies, online shopping giant has offered rent-a-boyfriend for one day services. The users of the service appear satisfied, with one commenting that her parents were happy with her pretend boyfriend because he was nice, funny, knows how to cook and a gentleman.


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