Religious Parents of Girl Who Performs Sex Acts on 24 Men Believe Daughter is a Victim

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The born-again Christian parents of girl who performed sex acts on 24 men for free drinks in a bar crawl in Magaluf Spain, said they forgive their daughter. The family is stronger than ever as they are very much at one with The Lord.

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When the news broke out Thursday, the girl was believed to be British but later was confirmed to be an Irish from Co Armagh.

Friends for the family spoke on behalf of the parents, saying that the religious family believes the girl is a victim of the culture of adventure and excitement among youth today.

 "She is a lovely girl but she's been looking for excitement. She made a terrible mistake a few weeks ago and she has been fully forgiven. Everyone is devastated. She has been a victim, a target of evil, of wickedness and she has most definitely been led astray. God will see them through this," a friend for the family told Irish Mirror.

The family would want to focus more on the optimistic side of the story.

"It may be a positive thing that this story has got out because now the situation can be addressed and she can regain her strength and dignity. While others may see what she is said to have done as an act of depravity, we see it as something quite different," the friend said.

The friend shared that the parents understand how their daughter had been vulnerable.

 "She went into the world and it got the better of her. We need protection in this world and somehow she dropped her Godly protection for a moment - but that's all it takes. But they know how vulnerable young women are in the world and when they go to places for adventure and discover their protection in The Lord is attacked, they can fall."

Her father was heartbroken and devastated but stays grounded as his daughter needs support more than ever.

"There is no doubt he is heartbroken and devastated for his girl. He is praying for strength and guidance and although this is the sort of thing that can shake your faith, he will remain strong as she will need all the help she can get," the friend added.

Meanwhile, a charity is calling for people not to rush judgment on the girl. And, while the case of Australian Rolf Harris is undeniably wrong, the girl was seeking for love and attention, Nexus charity counselor Pam Hunter told the Belfast Telegraph.

" We have to be careful not to judge people. People who take part in these activities are usually the most vulnerable, looking for attention and love from anyone and finding it through selling themselves for a bottle of alcohol or drugs," Hunter said.

"On one hand we are realising that the sexualised behaviour of Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris is wrong and our norms are changing slowly in reaction to this, but our youngsters at the same time are living in a highly sexualised environment and need to be warned of the dangers of alcohol mixed with sexual predators and mob mentality," Hunter explained.

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