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Relaxation Drinks
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A relaxation drink is a non-alcoholic beverage containing calming ingredients which may be found in nature. It is a functional beverage which is similar to calming tea but unlike calming tea, it may contain more than one active ingredient. Relaxation drinks are also served chilled and may be carbonated.The concept of relaxation drink first emerged from Japan in 2005 when a group of products were introduced to the market enriched with gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). In 2007, a couple group of kitesurfers from Kane?ohe Bay and Lanikai beach of O'ahu Hawai'i developed a drink which they dubbed the relaxation drink with their own formula containing gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), L-Theanine and L-Threonine providing similar calming effects found in kava or valerian roots (rhizo) which later became known as lanilai. Lani is a common Hawaiian word meaning sky or heaven and lai means the calm after the storm. Lanilai in Hawaiian carries the meaning of heavenly calm. Kava roots are well known in the pacific islands and mostly grown in Tonga and Fiji. Kava is known to used for social rituals and celebrations. Bula is another relaxation drink that is making waves in the beverage world. Bula was Created by Tongan NFL football player (Sione Po'uha) who would drink Kava after practice and games to heal from the wear and tear of the game. "Bula" is a greeting word used in Fiji. Bula also means "life" and is a way of wishing good health and fortune. Kava and Valerian roots are the main relaxant found in Bula.Melatonin is another major ingredients found in relaxation drinks which also carry some controversy due to negative effects from long term use. Relaxation drinks have been known to contain other natural ingredients. Common ingredients in relaxation drinks may contain kava root, melatonin, valerian root, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), Chamomile, Melissa officinalis, L-Theanine, L-Threonine, 5-Hydroxytryptophan or Passiflora. Relaxation drinks are usually free of caffeine and alcohol but some have claimed to contain marijuana.Relaxation drinks are formulated to help reduce stress, anxiety, improve mind focus, promote better sleep. Relaxation drinks are the anti-energy drink which have spread to the US and have found a niche alongside energy drinks.Relaxation drinks have come in many forms including cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles and small plastics shot bottles. Some are carbonated while others are non-carbonated.Relaxation drinks may contain hormones like melatonin, artificial coloring, flavors and preservatives.In many scenarios, people use relaxation drinks for dealing with stressful situation, after a work day, after strenuous exercise or before bed time. Studies have found that ingredients found in relaxation drinks can help promote alpha wave brain wave patterns to improve focus. Depending on the formulation, relaxation drinks may promote Rapid eye movement sleep (REM) sleep.Relaxation drinks have been known to reduce stress, anxiety and calm nervousness due to their calming effects on the nervous system.People who are allergic to alcohol, recovering from alcohol abuse or have liver problems have resorted to drinking relaxation drinks because its ability to calm nerves and provides what people call a "buzz" however it is alcohol free which does not bring about the well-known hangover. This is all dependent on the nutritional content which varies from one relaxation drink to another. There are reports of melatonin causing this next-day grogginess feeling.People with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have been known to use relaxation drinks to substitute for Adderall because of the properties to help focus thoughts.Warning: Relaxation drinks do cause drowsiness and should not be taken while driving or operating heavy machinery.IBISWorld's Relaxation Drink Production market research report provides the latest industry statistics and industry trends, allowing you to identify the products and customers driving revenue growth and profitability. The industry report identifies the leading companies and offers strategic industry analysis of the key factors influencing the market.Industry Analysis & Industry TrendsThere are expected to be nearly 390 different types of relaxation drinks out on the market in 2011 (there were about 350 in 2010). The main competitors include Mini Chill, Mary Jane Soda, Dream Water, Drank, Vacation in a Bottle (ViB), Koma Unwind, Blue Cow, Tranquila, Xin and ExChill. Most contain the active ingredients melatonin or l-theanine. The potential market is significant because aver 53 million Americans have experienced insomnia or had trouble sleeping in the past.Industry ReportThe Relaxation Drinks Production industry develops and manufactures beverages marketed for relaxation purposes that contain a variety of additives; however, melatonin, L-theanine or kava extract is typically the main active ingredient. Beyond these ingredients, the unifying factor among the industry's products is the promise of relaxation and stress-relief. Some producers market their products to include such benefits as relief of muscle tension, reduction of caffeine effects, prevention of jet-lag and treatment of a variety of ailments, such as restlessness, insomnia, headaches and stomach cramps. Overall, there are more than 300 brands of relaxation drinks on the market, produced by roughly 102 companies.Companies in this industry produce drinks marketed for their relaxation or sleep-promoting properties. Most of these drinks contain the active ingredients melatonin or l-theanine. This industry excludes ready-to-drink tea as well as dairy-based and carbonated beverages.Industry Products

  •  Melatonin-based drinks Theanine-based drinks Kava-based drinks Other drinks Industry Activities Producing melatonin-based drinks Producing kava-based drinks Producing theanine-based drinks Producing relaxation report on Relaxation drinks.Beverages to help you chill out are popping up in supermarkets, drugstores, and even gas stations. But labels we examined didn't usually list the amounts of their de-stressing agents. And our analysis of eight widely sold drinks showed that many didn't have enough of those ingredients purported to help you unwind.Among the tested products, only the iChill Relaxation Shot, Relax Drank Extreme Relaxation Shot, and ViB (Vacation in a Bottle) products showed the amounts of their relaxation ingredients; the rest just named them or listed a blend. For each product in our tests, we took samples from three batches. Results are from 2012, when we tested; some drinks have since been reformulated.Three drinks listed GABA, a chemical that may help regulate stress and anxiety, but even at their maximum recommended daily doses, two-Dream Water 0-Calorie Sleep and Relaxation Shot and RelaxZen Night-contained far lower amounts than the daily dose of GABA used in a published study. The third drink, RelaxZen Day, had far higher amounts.When we tested, labels for Dream Water, Marley's Mellow Mood, and RelaxZen Night listed unspecified amounts of melatonin, a hormone that has had mixed results in treating insomnia. All three contained lower amounts than the typical 0.3-milligram to 5-milligram dose used in clinical trials to treat insomnia. Relax Drank and iChill listed amounts per serving (1 milligram and 5 milligrams, respectively), but both averaged far less than claimed (0.02 milligrams and 0.3 milligrams).Four products-Just Chill, RelaxZen Day, RelaxZen Night, and ViB-listed L-theanine, an amino acid in green-tea leaves that some evidence shows might help with relaxation and sleep. All of the products except for Just Chill listed L-threonine, an amino acid in proteins, but we found no evidence that the ingredient aids mental relaxation. Of the four, only ViB specified the amounts of both amino acids on its label, and its levels of both varied widely.Dream Water listed 5-hydroxytryptophan, a chemical that might help raise levels of the brain chemical serotonin and have a positive effect on anxiety and sleep. But the levels averaged much lower than those used to treat sleep disorders in published studies.Five products listed one or more botanicals, including chamomile, passion flower, and valerian. RelaxZen Day had significant levels of a compound that indicated the presence of passion-flower extract; levels of compounds in the rest suggest low or trace amounts of the claimed botanicals.Health concernsSome labels of tested products noted that the drink might cause drowsiness and shouldn't be used when driving. Many indicated that the drink should be avoided by pregnant or nursing women and by children. Yet our mystery shoppers sometimes found relaxation drinks in refrigerator cases near sodas and juices. That children may have easy access to these products concerns Sylvie Stacy, M.D., whose review of the safety and efficacy of ingredients in relaxation drinks appeared in the December 2011 issue of the Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychopharmacology."Although moderate consumption of these beverages by healthy individuals is likely safe," she wrote, "an objective reduction in stress is improbable and associated adverse effects are possible." Stacy, a resident in preventive medicine at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, said she began examining safety concerns involving relaxation drinks because of recent reports of risks possibly associated with highly caffeinated energy drinks. The Food and Drug Administration has said it would conduct a safety review of energy drinks. The FDA is considering requiring that labels disclose the amount of caffeine those products pack, limitations on use, and warnings about possible adverse effects. That makes sense, because our recent investigation found that energy drinks sometimes have more caffeine than their manufacturers claim.Our investigation into relaxation drinks has found little evidence that these products have been associated with harmful reactions. A spokesman for the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration said that relaxation drinks "do not contribute to emergency-department visits" or that the visits are so rare that they could not be counted.The Food and Drug Administration said in response to our Freedom of Information Act request that it has received six adverse-event reports. (By themselves, such reports don't prove that a product or its ingredients caused a problem.) According to the reports, a 12-year old boy became ill on Nov. 30, 2012, after drinking Marley's Mellow Mood. He was "shaking and twitching," but symptoms abated, according to the reports. Five other children complained of vomiting, headache, nausea, chills, and fatigue, according to the reports.We asked a Marley's spokesman to comment and received e-mail messages stating that the "packaging clearly states that Marley's Mellow Mood is not intended for consumption by children," that the company "cooperated fully with the FDA" and that Marley's own investigation found "no issues with product quality or package integrity." An FDA spokeswoman said the reports were still being investigated.An occasional relaxation drink is probably fine for most healthy adults, but read the labels for warnings and maximum daily servings. It's sensible for people taking supplements or medications to first consult their health-care provider about possible interactions. Then check our chart for container size, price, calories, and sugars per container, which vary widely.Top six relaxation drinks.1) bcalmbcalm is a new functional wellness drink that delivers a calming sensation you can feel. Helps reduce stress and improve focus without causing drowsiness. Never artificial - Made with all natural herbs, vitamins and an amino acid with stress-reducing properties. Unique refreshing taste with light carbonation. Produced in the USAGood Life Beverages was founded in 2011 by a Harvard University student on a mission to help people live happier, healthier, and calmer. After suffering from stress and anxiety for most of his life, the founder spent over a year researching and developing the perfect solution to daily stress. The result was bcalm.Official website is located at Koma UnwindKoma Unwind websites says:A wise man once said, "Give your stress wings and let it fly away!" So when you've drank too much of that "other stuff" that gives you wings...send them off into the heavens by chillaxing and unwinding with a Koma Unwind. Its special blend of all-natural ingredients such as milk thistle, B-12, valerian root, and melatonin will calm your mind, body, and soul without the help of supplements or prescriptions. It's the safest way to indulge in a personal hiatus and will give you the ultimate chill without the pill. So next time that jerk in the SUV cuts you off on the freeway, the annoying guy in the cubicle next to you won't stop whistling Rick James' tunes, or your professor expects you to read War and Peace by tomorrow, take a mental break and grab a refreshing can of Koma Unwind.Ingredients:Valerian Root: Valerian Root benefits anyone who may suffer from anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, mental strain and lack of concentration, chronic headaches, and the most common ailment of people today, stress. Koma contains a healthy dose to compliment the effects of the melatonin and enhance relaxation.Rose Hips: Rose hips are an age-old remedy for what ails the body. It is an excellent source of vitamin-C, contains biologically valuable bioflavonoid and is a great source of anti-oxidants. Rose-Hips have traditionally been used to treat diarrhea, nervousness, exhaustion, stress, and urinary problems.Milk Thistle: The benefits of milk thistle are nothing short of amazing. Researchers call it a smart herb because it seems to know when to produce new cells as well as when to halt the production of bad cells, such as cancer cells. How this herb knows when to help regenerate cells and when to keep them from regenerating is still being researched, but the benefits to the liver are undeniable.Melatonin: This brain hormone naturally controls the human sleep cycle. Melatonin, therefore, tells our bodies when it is time for sleep and when it is time to wake up. Melatonin extract, aids the body in resetting its natural 'clock' and is even strong enough to prevent the effects of jet-lag. Koma contains a safe dose of Melatonin which relaxes those who drink it and helps them improve both the duration and quality of their sleep.Official website is located at Just ChillRefresh and relax while you enjoy this beverage with benefits. Each one of the ingredients works together to help reduce stress while elevating mood and focus.Ingredients:L-theanine: A unique amino acid found in green tea, L-theanine, has been clinically shown to help reduce stress, elevate mood and increase focus without causing drowsiness. We have around 15x the amount found in your average cup of green tea.Lemongrass: A soothing herb that helps calm the mind.Vitamin C: One of the vitamins depleted most by stress. Promotes healthy response to stress.B-Vitamin Complex: Helps regulate the nervous system and improve mood.Magnesium: A mineral that helps relax the nervous system and relieve tension in body.Zinc: A mineral that helps strengthen the immune system and promotes health.Official website is located at http://drinkjustchill.com4) ZenifyZenify is a Zen state of mind which clears away mental clutter to the power of the Phi(fy), which represents the perfect balance between excess and insufficiency. When you drink Zenify, you will be in a Calm, Sharp & Focused state and this feeling will allow you to react at peak performance in over-stimulating times. This state of mind is also known as being "In the Flow" or "In the Zone." As energy supplements increasingly become part of our everyday lives, we believe the answer does not lie in more energy. Instead, it's about properly harnessing our existing energy without being distracted by our surroundings.Modern everyday life produces an excess of Beta Waves, which are our fight or flight waves that make you jittery and hesitant. Zenify promotes the production of Alpha Waves, which help you stay Calm, Sharp & Focused, allowing you to combat stressful situations. With Zenify, we found a way to combat the harmful effects of stress and over stimulation with our extremely effective Zen Blend of Amino Acids L-Theanine, GABA and Glycine that help you stay Calm, Sharp & Focus.Zenify is the leader in the high quantity and unique combination of L-Theanine, GABA and Glycine. Clinical studies show that in order for L-Theanine to even be effective there needs to be at least 200mg. Zenify contains 350mg, 4x times more than any other beverage. Zenify also contains folic acid, which is beneficial to women. We are one of the few companies in this market today with an all-natural blend that has ingredients which are GRAS certified by the FDA.Alpha Waves are associated with reduced stress, a relaxed body and mind, and an enhanced creative "zone". Alpha Waves are imperative for a perfectly balanced state because they don't overstimulate you, which can cause stress, and can make you sluggish.Alpha and Beta Waves are electrical impulses that are sent throughout your body and cycle at specific rates. Alpha Waves frequencies cycle between 8 Hertz to 12 Hertz (Hz).Science has shown that the perfect rate of alert but relaxed state for people is when Alpha Waves are cycling around 10 Hertz. Beta Waves created by the jittery feel of caffeine, cycle higher at around 14 Hertz, leaving you susceptible to stress related illnesses. Zenify creates Alpha Waves and diminishes Beta Waves, helping you stay Calm, Sharp & Focused.Ingredients:L-theanine (gamma-glutamylethylamide):Found in green tea and increases Dopamine and Serotonin which helps you stay Calm, Sharp & Focused. In addition, L-Theanine has thefollowing benefits:Reduces stressIncreases focus, similar to deep meditationBoosts your ability to learn and rememberImproves moods and makes you happierGaba (gamma amino butyric acid): Can be found in feel good foods such as bananas, citrus fruits and whole grains. It is an amino acid that acts as the body's natural tranquilizer.GABA produces a focused response, a physiological response that is opposite of the stressed "fight or flight" reaction.At times of anxiety our nerves get overloaded and the result is reduced productivity; GABA prevents our nerves from getting overloaded. Several studies have shown that GABA helps provide positive memory support and promotes an overall Calm, Sharp & Focused state.Glycine: Glycine is found in chamomile tea and induces focused relaxation. It also helps to improve memory. Glycine is crucial in sustaining healthy nervous systems and can helpreduce: Fatigue Insomnia Hyperactivity Jet LagGlycine is a necessary building block of all life, and is used by living organisms to make protein.Glycine is crucial in sustaining a healthy Nervous System.Official website is located at Marley's Mellow MoodMarley's Mellow Mood is a new line of 100% natural relaxation beverages created in partnership with the family of legendary musical prophet, Bob Marley.mWith its soothing style, natural ingredients and great taste, Marley's Mellow Mood is designed to reduce stress and relieve tension, while calming the soul and easing the mind.Bob Marley is a global icon, a musical prophet, whose words and vision forever changed the world. His image and music evoke a rich legacy and emotional connection that transcends generation, ethnicity, gender, and geography. In today's high paced, tech-driven world, Bob Marley's message of unity, freedom, peace, empowerment and love have never been more relevant.Marley Beverage Company was created in partnership with the family of Bob Marley, paying homage to their father and patriarch by launching and promoting a wide range of healthy, natural drinks.Marley Beverage Company is manufacturing and marketing Marley's Mellow Mood in a joint partnership with VIVA Beverages, located in Southfield, MI.USA.Ingredients: Lemon Balm Hops Valerian root Chamomile Passion FlowerFlavours available: Black Tea, Green Tea, Tea Lemonade, Berry and Citrus.Official website is located at http://drinkmarley.com6) Neuro BlissIt reduces stress and keeps you calm.Ingredients:L-Theanine- Found in green tea and increases Dopamine and Serotonin which helps you stay Calm, Sharp & Focused Chamomile ( Matricaria chamomilla, German Chamomile)- a traditional herb commonly consumed in tea for its calming properties.Alpha GPC (Choline aphoscerate) - A rapidly absorbed source of choline, it contributes to the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmiter important for memory.Phosphatidylserine(PS)- Derived from soy lecithin,PS forms the basis of all biological cell membranes.It is a structural support nutrient for the brain.Vitamin D ( D3)- It helps in neuroprotection and neurotransmission.B-Vitamins( B1, B3, B6, B12)- Supports functions of brain and peripheral nervous system.Neuro Daily an other product from same company.It is claimed that it contains Vitamins and antioxidents and protects your immune system. It is formulated to support your health against daily assults of stress,lack of sleep and poor eating habits. It has vitamin D, vitamin C, Zinc and other essential ingredients. Has delicious and refreshing tangerine citrus flavour.Sanela Diana Jenkins is creator of Neuro Bliss, She is a Bosnian entrepreneur and philanthropist. She currently resides in California. Jenkins fled her home country during the Siege of Sarajevo and emigrated to London, where she studied at City University, London.While still a student in London, she acquired the swimwear line Melissa Odabash. She produced a photography book entitled "Room 23," photographed by Deborah Anderson. Many of the celebrities in the book are friends of Jenkins, including George Clooney and Elton John. Proceeds from the sale of the book benefit several philanthropic programs.In 2009, Jenkins created and launched the Neuro line of functional beverages. Based in Santa Monica, Neuro produces drinks with natural ingredients and packaged with recycled materials. Neuro products are distributed in the West Coast of the United States and in Great Britain. The drinks aim to fill a variety of needs over the course of the day and include such descriptive names as Gasm, Sleep, Sonic, Trim, Sport, Bliss and Aqua.

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