Rekindled Romance: Barbara Palvin and Justin Bieber Reunite at Cannes, Share Intimate Moment

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Selena Gomez was obviously not on Justin Bieber's mind when he was spotted in the company of none other than Barbara Palvin. The model that had allegedly caused the famous "Jelena" split was once again caught in the company of the Canadian crooner. Both even shared an intimate moment at the Cannes Film Festival.

This is certainly not the first time Justin Bieber has been seen with Barbara Palvin. Back in 2012, Justin and Barbara enjoyed a date in Broadway where they watched "Lion King." Of course, this wasn't the first time Palvin rubbed elbows with Bieber. During the Victoria's Secret Fashion show in 2012, Justin was one of the performers and he had a gall of a great time backstage with a number of sexy and beautiful models, Palvin included.

Despite the flurry of reports that Palvin "hooked-up" with Bieber, the Victoria's Secret model slammed all claims in an interview with Celebuzz.

"You know how the drama started -- Selena retweeted the picture. I'm okay to talk about it because I know there's nothing. It's ridiculous how this got to the news, stated Palvin, adding, That was it . . . that's why it was so weird. They thought I caused a big drama, their break-up."

Clearly nothing of the romantic sort happened between them because a year after Palvin was caught instead in the arms of Niall Horan, the Irish member of One Direction. Yet, the couple called it quits early in 2014.

Apparently, Palvin has moved on and rekindled her quick romance in 2012 with Justin Bieber. The pair was spotted at Roberto Cavalli's yacht party. Photographers caught the pair in an intimate moment when Palvin stroked Bieber's face and leaned in to whisper into his ear.

Is there something romantic going on this time around between Palvin and Bieber? With Selena Gomez out of the picture, something could definitely be brewing between them. On the other hand, Palvin wasn't the only single model Bieber hung out with at Cannes.

The "Baby" singer was photographed with Victoria's Secret model, Adriana Lima. He had posted the photo on his Instagram account with the caption: "I think she foreign, I think she foreign."

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