Reign: Top Spoilers of Season 2 Revealed: Casualty in Premiere Episode, Mary, Bash, Francis's Love Triangle Over [Comic-Con]

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"Reign" was one of the few new shows of 2013 fall season that raked-in decent viewership ratings. This period drama series returns on October 2, with Season 2. The new season brings with it new conflicts, and deaths as a result of the deadly plague.

Here are the top spoilers of "Reign" Season 2:

Plague Kills

The plague arrived in the final moments of season one finale, just after Bash killed the Darkness who had said that he was sacrificing humans to stop the killer plague. The opening episode of the new season features a major casualty because of the plague.  "This season is about what rises from the ashes of the plague," Laurie McCarthy, executive producer of "Reign," said at Comic-Con, as quoted by Buddy TV.  

AP quoted McCarthy as saying at the Comic-Con that plague "changes the dynamics of court, this particular region of France." He said that not "everyone will survive" and the first episode will feature casualty because of plague.

No More Mary, Bash and Francis's Triangle Love Story  

The triangle love story between Mary, Bash and Francis was one of the highlights of Season 1. King Henry forced Kenna and Bash to get married. Slowly, Bash and Kenna developed feelings for each other, and in the season one finale, Bash confessed to Kenna that he loves her. AP reports that this triangle love story will not be explored, again. It is over.

"I'm really glad we didn't continue. It's tired, and it's exhausting, and I'm sick of seeing it. ... You can only do that for so long before it gets bloody boring," AP quoted Adelaide Kane, who plays Mary in the show, as saying at the Comic-Com.

Still Some Time for Francis's Death  

The first season of "Reign" saw Mary's decision to not marry Francis, because of Nostradamus's prophecy that Francis will die soon after his wedding with Mary. It is only after Nostradamus saw another vision, that Francis will not die, that Mary married Francis, as she loved him more than Bash. However soon after the wedding, Nostradamus again got the premonition about Francis's death.    According to history of France, King Francis did not live for many years. He did not cross his 40th birthday.   

The writers of "Reign," however, have no plans to kill Francis any time soon. McCarthy said at Comic-Con, as quoted by AP, I'm in no rush to say goodbye to Toby or to Francis."

The new season is about Francis "inheriting a nation that is, in fact, burning," according to McCarthy.

Lola Gives Birth, Mary Feels the Pinch

At the Comic-Con, it was revealed that Lola will give birth to her and Francis's child. Kane revealed that things will get "awkward" between Francis, Lola and Mary. In the season one finale, Mary finally told Francis that Lola is pregnant with his child.  She asked him to go and be with Lola during her difficult labour. However, she later tried to stop him from going because of the fast spreading plague. Francis did not listen to her and galloped away on his horse to be at Lola's side. AP reports that Mary will be feeling the pressure to produce an heir. 

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