‘Reign’ Spoilers Episode 19: Francis and Mary’s Different Priorities in ‘Toy Soldiers’

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The recent episodes of 'Reign' have underscored that Kings and Queens may have the power and all the wealth in the world, but their love stories are cursed. In the previous episode, Francis had to incarcerate Mary to stop her from going to Scotland, as he feared for her life. Mary was willing to undertake the sea journey despite knowing that someone might kill her on the ship. She accused Francis of not seeing her as the Queen of Scot and was adamant on going to Scotland as that is what a Queen would do when her country and its people need her.

The new episode is likely to heighten their conflict, because as heir to the throne of France and as Queen of Scotland, Francis and Mary have their countries as their top priorities. "They realize they are torn between putting their own countries first or saving their marriage, according to the synopsis.

The episode 19 of "Reign" is titled "Toy Soldiers." The preview of the episode suggests that Mary does not stay too long locked inside the tower.

The previous episode introduced Mary's step-brother. This episode will bring Mary's uncle, Duke of Guise, to the castle. Catherine sees him as a vicious, self-serving killer. He arrives with bad news about Mary's mother. Mary might once again decide to take the trip to Scotland.

Meanwhile, King Henry is itching to claim the throne of England. Francis fears that because of his father's madness thousands will die. The synopsis suggests that King Henry's obsession with England is set to end in disaster. .

Bash and Kenna had a forced marriage, which did not seem like it will ever work. However, the previous episode showed that they are warming-up to each other. The episode "Toy Soldiers" will bring them closer. The synopsis of the episode suggests that these two will strength their bond.


Official Synopsis of "Reign" Episode 19 "Toy Soldiers": "Mary's uncle arrives at the castle and brings dire news about her mother, forcing Mary and Francis to make a tough choice about priorities. Meanwhile, Henry devises a destructive plan; and Bash and Kenna grow closer as they strengthen their forced union. "

 Chris Grismer has directed "Toy Soldiers," while Mike Herro and David Strauss have written the episode.

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