‘Reign’ Spoilers: Bittersweet Francis, Mary Reunion, Love for Bash Softens Kenna


The upcoming new episode of "Reign" will feature the reunion of Mary and Francis, as Francis returns from the battlefield. In the previous episode, he was leading his army in a battle against the English to gain control of Calais.

In an interview with TV Line, Laurie McCarthy, executive producer of "Reign," and actors Adelaide Kane, who plays Mary, and Torrance Coombs, who plays Bash, spilled some spoilers about the four couples in the show: Mary and Francis, Bash and Kenna, Greer and Leith, and Lola and Julien.

"The reunion between Mary and Francis is going to be somewhat bittersweet. With any couple, if you spend that much time apart, there's going to be a disconnect when you come back together," Kane said. The actress also hinted that Queen of Scots cannot have children.  

"And then, of course, with Lola and the baby and [Mary] still remaining childless, she's had more time to focus on the fact that she can't have children," Kane added. She also said that Francis and Mary will continue to have conflicting patriotic duties.

Meanwhile, Bash and Kenna's bond is going to strengthen. King Henry forced Kenna and Bash to get married to each other, but these two are slowly growing closer to each other. McCarthy indicated that Kenna will discover her soft side thanks to Bash. He said, "Love changes you. That's when you learn to sacrifice, so it'll be interesting to see where that takes her."

However, the bond between Bash and Mary is unbreakable, as McCarthy said that it is "never really going to go away." He added that Bash and Mary are moving in different directions. Coombs said to TV Line, "There are those people in your life that you don't fully get over, but you do move on. ... Nothing, in particular, is coming to a head."  

When it comes to Greer and Leith, things are going to take a new turn, as Leith now has a title and some properly. Francis gave him a title and some property in the previous episode, as Leith had saved his life. McCarthy indicated that everything is going to change when Leith returns to the court. "He's [Leith] a different person. He has different opportunities and different ambitions, we'll come to find out as well," McCarthy said.

Talking about the fourth couple in the show, Lola and Lord Julien, McCarthy said that more skeletons are going to tumble out of Lord Julien's closet. He revealed that Lola will not have to wait till Season 2 to give birth. However, McCarthy warned that at the time, a lot of woman died during childbirth and reminded that Julien's first two wives have died during childbirth.

"It's not an uncomplicated thing to give birth to a child," McCarthy said. Is he hinting that Loa will die, as well?

The episode 21 is titled "Long Live the King."

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