‘Reign’ Renewed for Season 2 and Season 1 Finale Spoilers

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"Reign" has been renewed for Season 2. The CW renewed this popular, period drama in February. It is expected that the new season will continue to show the rise of Mary as a powerful Queen, and her relationship with Francis is unlikely to be about love.   

The freshman season finale wrapped-up with multiple-cliffhangers. Here is what happened in the Season 1 finale, "Slaughter of Innocence":

Francis fatally injured his father King Henry in joust. King Henry died after revealing to Francis that he had killed his elder brother by poisoning his drink during a game of tennis. The young man's apparition that King Henry used to see was of his elder brother.

Also in the episode, Francis finally found out from Mary that he is the father of Lola's child. Mary told him the truth after she received a letter from Lola. In the letter, Lola asked Mary to take care of the child, as she is not sure about surviving after child-birth. She also gave Mary the permission to tell Francis the truth. Mary not only revealed the truth but also asked Francis to go and be with Lola, as she needs him.

Meanwhile, Bash killed the Darkness and stopped him from taking Pascal with him. The Darkness saw Pascal as his successor, and like him, he would have sacrificed others to stop the plague. Bash and Kenna confessed that they love each other and called it a miracle. Soon afterwards, Bash saw the signs of plague returning.

Francis was set to leave the castle to be at Lola's side when Mary found out that the plague is spreading. She tried to stop him, but Francis refused to listen. He set out to meet Lola and his child. Mary ordered the guards to lower the gates of the castle.

If Francis manages to beat the plague and return to the castle with Lola and their child, there will be a dynamic change in his and Mary's relationship. Also, he is very much likely to find that Mary holds the rein of power. Diane may return in the new season, as the dying King Henry asked Catherine to call Diane back to the castle, and Catherine gave her word.

Will Bash become the next Darkness -- or will he force Pascal to become the Darkness -- to stop the plague from spreading? The new season is set to answer this question and also many more.

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