'Reign' RECAP Episode 9: Mary Decides to Marry Bash in 'For King and Country'

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Bash sees no other option but to jump off the cliff into the unknown waters to escape the chasing King Henry's men. England is at stake and the King won't let Mary get away. Mary is at first reluctant to jump off the cliff, as she thinks they cannot survive. The King's men soon surrounded them. Bash and Mary hold hands and jump in the water.

King Henry is furious that Mary and Bash cannot be tracked. Queen Catherine tells him to give-up and Mary would have caused destruction. King Henry is unable to figure out why Mary rode-away with Bash. He warns Catherine that if it is her doing, he will not hesitate to execute her.   

Francis returns to the castle after being away for days. Catherine confronts him, asking why he is still searching for Mary. Francis wants to know why Mary left him and he is not buying her excuse. He still loves her despite everything she has done. Also, he sees his mother's hand behind Mary ditching him.

Mary and Bash have found a place to stay in an inn. Bash tells Mary he is sure that Queen Catherine has found out about his mother's plot to legitimise him. Otherwise, Bash's mother is not someone who will turn her back on King Henry. Mary knows that Bash does not want France and it is possible that people might think worse of him. Bash says that Francis is already thinking worse of him. It a cold night and they are completely drenched. Bash asks her to get out of her clothes. She in uncomfortable stripping down in front of him, and asks him turn his back. She takes her coat off, while Bash turns a little and eyes her, with desire.

There is a knock at the doors. Bash tells Mary to hide under the bed. The King's men come inside and threaten Bash, but he does not tell them about Mary. When they threaten to chop-off his fingers, Mary comes out. At the cliff, Bash took the lead and this time, she wants to take lead. The two are taken back to castle. At the castle, Bash asks Mary to be strong, as the men take him away to the dungeon.

Francis meets Mary and asks if she is all right. He demands an answer as he deserves it. He wants to know why her friend's death made her change her mind when she believed him and his promise to stand by her, always. She does not tell him the right reason. Mary tells Francis that she cannot marry him. King Henry's man comes and interrupts their conversation. The King just wants to see Mary and not Francis.

King Henry has eyes only on the throne of England. He is ready to sacrifice his son for that. If Mary does not marry Francis, Bash's life is in danger. King Henry tells Mary that she and Francis must get married and together lay claim to the throne of England. If she does not do that, Bash will be charged with treason and executed.  

Catherine asks Mary to find a way out. She does not want to put Bash's life in danger. She thinks of contacting her mother. Catherine informs that King Henry is already in touch with her mother. Mary's mother also wants her and Francis to get married and lay claim to the throne of England. The only option left for Mary is to tell Francis about the prophecy. Catherine objects to that as Francis is relentless in his love for her. He is not someone to believe in prophecies. Catherine tells Mary that Francis' life will be at stake. If Mary does not tell him, Bash life will be snuffed-out of him.

Nostradamus has kept Clarissa locked inside an underground dungeon. She had to poison Alyee to protect Mary, as Catherine planned to kill her. Nostradamus tells her that Kind and Queen kill people and act like Gods. But, she has no right to act like a God. Clarissa will remain locked-up until she had learned her lesson. Nostradamus throws a voodoo, white doll inside her cell. Clarissa rips-off the doll to find a blunt object.

Francis meets Mary and asks why she is still reluctant to marry him when Bash's life is at stake. She gives him the reason, the right reason. She did not leave him because there was lack of love, joy or trust but she left him because of Nostradamus vision of his death. Francis is taken back and correctly figures out that his mother was also behind it. Mary tells him that what his mother did was out of love for him. Francis does not want her to make any decision based on fear of superstition. He is willing to take the risk and wants to marry her. Mary refuses, again.

When King Henry demands to know Mary's decision, she tells him that she will neither marry Francis nor see the execution of Bash. She proposes the third option. She will marry Bash and lay claim to the throne of England. Mary asks King Henry to legitimise Bash and make him the next King of France.

Mary does not leave any other option for King Henry. He gives his reasons of not fiddling with the line of succession. Her mother's letter, which wishes the same thing as King Henry, has made Mary resolute. Later, Queen Catherine reveals to King Henry about Diane's plot to legitimise Bash.

Keene tells Mary and her friends about her suspicion that Diane poisoned Aylee. This may have been done to make Mary believe Nostradamus' prophecy. Keene thinks that original target must have been her. She believes that both Diane and Catherine are responsible for Aylee's death.

Mary decides to confront the Queen, as she now knows when she is lying. Catherine tells her that she was fond of Aylee and would have never poisoned her. Catherine comes clean on what she had done and confesses that she had handed the poison to Diane. However, she denies knowing about Nostradamus' vision about one of her friends dying. Catherine wants Mary to leave for Scotland and she will arrange for that. The Queen is not ready to lose everything, while Mary lays claim to the thrones of three countries. Mary tells her that she made her sacrifice and is about to lose the man she loves. It is time for Catherine to make her sacrifice. Catherine informs her that Francis knows about Mary's desire to marry Bash thanks to her.

Francis walks inside the prison cell and punches Bash. He beats him-up, demanding to know why he stole Mary. Mary comes and stops Francis. She tells him that Bash knows nothing about her proposal. It is her decision. Francis tells Mary that she is throwing everything away for superstition. He is not going to forgive her even if she is doing everything to save his life.  Bash is bitter and hurt, as he has never wanted his brother's crown. Mary wants to know if he will accept the throne to save his brother. He says: "I've more than a half-beat to think about it."

Catherine meets Nostradamus. She tells him that Mary believes his vision so much that she is ready to upset the line of succession. Catherine wants Nostradamus to come-up with a plan to stop Bash and Mary. When he keeps silent, Catherine asks her guard to arrange for the escape of Bash and Mary and kill them, and bury their bodies keep in the forest. Catherine, however, finds the guard hanging in her room. King Henry had her followed.

The King of France agrees to Mary's terms. Bash ascension to the throne will be announced once Rome legitimises him. Francis warns his mother not do anything for him, which includes killing everyone. If she does that and he becomes the King as a result of that, the first person he will execute is his mother. To Bash and Mary, he says "Long may you reign."   

Mary convinces Queen to get out of the castle and annul her marriage; otherwise her life is in danger. King Henry stops her from going, as she has money, connections and won't be sitting idle. Catherine is incarcerated in her room. Clarisse stabs Nostradamus.

Bash and Mary have their talk. One moment, Bash was on the clopping block and the next he gets the crown. They both are doing everything to save the life of Francis. Bash says that it was unexpected that he was getting married to her.  

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