‘Reign’ Recap Episode 21: King Henry Wants to Kill Francis and Marry Mary in ‘Long Live the King’

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Francis returns to the castle as a victorious leader, announcing that they have taken back Calais from English. King Henry welcomes back his son, with the announcement of Queen of England's death. He wants to declare war on England, as he wants to put Mary on the throne of England. Mary is not happy to hear that. Later in the bed after a passionate reunion, Mary tells Francis that she does not want to stake claim to the throne of England. She fears that there will be war if she does that. Also, Mary does not want her cousin, the protestant who is set to be England's Queen, to see her as an enemy for life.

Francis assures Mary that he will support whatever decision she makes, and stand by her. He tells her that she can count on him, like the way he counts on her. Mary tells Francis that she plans to write to the Queen in waiting. Duke of Guise, who returned with Francis and the victorious party, gets hold of this letter before it reaches England. Mary has written to her cousin that she wants peace and would be relinquishing her claim to the throne of England, forever.

Duke of Guise tells her that the letter belongs to another world, and not to the world that she belongs to. He reminds her that royals are always at war and if she disarms, the enemy will shoot her. Mary just wants to be the wife of Francis and Queen of Scotland, and has no ambition to claim another country. Duke of Guise tells her she cannot have a normal life and without power Mary is nothing, but a threat. She is speechless when her uncle tells her that she is still a guest of French court, and has to beg the King and Queen of France if Scotland needs something. Duke of Guise cautions Mary that her power is in what she will do in the future, and if she sends the letter, she would have used her only card.

Queen Catherine comes to know from one of her women that King Henry has started planning his attack on England. Mary, Francis and Catherine realise that if a war happens, thousands of French men will be slaughtered. Catherine wants to stop King Henry, implying that the King should be killed. Francis objects to that. He wants a chance to convince his father that a war will not be in the best interest of France.

Francis takes his father to hunting to have a one to one talk with him. Catherine does not believe that King Henry will listen to anyone and she convinces Mary to join her in a plot to kill the King. The plan is to kill him at his private communion, and the communion hosts are poisoned. Francis manages to convince his father and comes back to know that Catherine has made arrangements to kill King Henry. He is furious and lashes out at Mary, as well.          

At the communion, an alert King Henry senses the presence of an assassin and he tackles him, which stops him from consuming the poison. This man was sent by Duke of Guise so that he could twist the story to benefit him. Now, he claims to have sent the man to save King's life [Duke of Guise knew about Catherine's plan to kill King Henry] and gets into the King's good books. If the King had died, Duke of Guide would have gained advantage because of his deal with Francis.

Francis is protective about his father and is unable to see his father's devilish madness to rule England. King Henry is thinking of killing Francis and marrying his widow Mary to achieve that.      

Meanwhile, Bash came back to the castle from the woods with a boy. He found the boy under a bush, with a whistle in his hand. The whistle is an indication that the boy has escaped from the clutches of the Darkness. The boy refuses to talk about what he has gone through. He does not answer any of Bash and Nostradamus' questions. However, Kenna's caring nature makes him open-up and he tell her that his parents are no more and he talks about a place on the mountain. The boy is a pagan and his name is Pascal. Kenna does not mind that he is a pagan. Bash recognises the name of the place and wants to go there with Nostradamus. Bash arranges for a carriage to send Kenna and Pascal away to a new location. He tells Kenna that he will return to her once he finishes off the Darkness. Their marriage was a forced one, but now they want to be with each other. Pascal ells Kenna that he saw a man kill his father. He, however, does not know the identity of the man. Kenna assures him that bad men get what they deserve. it is revealed that the person who kiilled Pascal's father is Bash.  

At Lola's new house, a man arrives looking for Lord Julien. He is Lord Julien's uncle. As a result of this visit, Lola finds out from her husband that he was pretending to be Lord Julien. He tells her that he was Lord Julien's secretary and his name is Remy. The real Lord Julien died in a fire and Remy stole his identity and life. Lola is hurt and shocked to learn the truth, but she still sides with him in front of the uncle. The uncle sees that Remy is wearing his nephew's ring and this triggers his suspicion. A struggle ensues and Lola pushes the uncle. This push is lethal as the uncle's head hits a sharp object on the wall, and he dies.

Lola tells Remy to escape and burn the house down, making it look like Lord Julien (Remy) died in the fire. Lord Julien tells Lola to take care of herself and make the father of the child a part of her and the child's lives. He asks Lola to return to the castle.    

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