‘Reign’: Huge Power Shifts Likely in Season 2

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King Henry, the ruler of France, is dead. Francis has galloped away to meet Lola and their child, without fearing the fast spreading, fatal plague. And, in the absence of Francis, Mary is likely to emerge as the powerful Queen of Scots and also France.  Queen Catherine may not make it easy for Mary.

Megan Follows, who plays Queen Catherine, said to KSite TV that there is going to be huge power shifts now that King Henry is dead. When asked how the dynamic is changed now that King Henry is dead, Follows said, "... obviously, huge power shifts. Catherine was a very, very powerful woman, whose power had been -- not really in the shadows, but she had to be very careful. So, it's going to be interesting. She became Queen Consort. She got it into her, basically, contract, that she would be Queen throughout the reigns of her sons. It's going to be really interesting to see where we go with it," Follows said.

The actress thinks that the Queen will have two reactions to Mary as another Queen of France. One of the reactions will be private, while the other reaction will be public.  

"I think publicly, she will be very smart, and know how to have the right appearance and the right show of respect, and privately, she will be thinking very carefully about what this means. Power structures and alliances," Follows said to KSite TV. It is very much expected that Queen Catherine will not sit quiet and accept Mary as the new Queen of France. She will do everything possible to unsettle her.       

King Henry and his madness will be missed in the new season.  Laurie McCarthy, co-creator, executive producer and writer of "Reign," has said that there will be something new in Season 2 to replace King Henry's black humour. McCarthy said to TV Guide that there will always be a "thread of black comedy" in "Reign."

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