‘Reign’ Finale [Episode 22]: King Plots to Kill Francis and Marry Mary in ‘Slaughter of Innocence’ [VIDEO]


The highlight of "Reign" Season 1 Finale, titled "Slaughter of Innocence," is likely to be a mad King's move to kill his own son and then his end at the hands of his son. In a sneak peek of the episode, King Henry can be seen calmly plotting the murder of Francis and he also hints of a wedding in the near future.

In his extreme madness to claim the throne of England, King Henry wants to kill Francis so that he can get married to his widow the Queen of Scots, Mary. The sneak peek [Check the Sneak Peek Here] shows a man reporting to King Henry that he has added additional spice to a plate. King Henry wants the man to ensure that Francis' plate is piled high with more meat so that it look like Francis choked to his death.

In another sneak peek, Francis is seen plotting with Queen Catherine and Mary to remove King Henry from the throne, as it is too late to assassinate him. The trio can be seen discussing their strategy to avoid a hostile coup and lose control of France. They plan to take the help of generals who were sidelined before the war for Calais. Once Francis's sizes power, he intends to rule France with Mary and send his father to a dungeon and ensure that he never gets out and become the King, again.

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Here are some of the major spoilers of the finale episode of "Reign" Season 1:

The apparition that King Henry keeps seeing is supposed to be of his brother. He had killed his own brother. King Henry is going to die in the final episode of "Reign" Season 1. Francis is set to kill his own father, not just allow him a natural death in a prison. Mary will emerge as the strong, calculated Queen of Scotland. She will no longer be Mary who was introduced in the pilot episode, as her innocence is set to bid goodbye in the final episode of "Reign."

Meanwhile, Lola will give birth to a child but it is not sure whether she survives, or not. Also, Bash taking on the Darkness in the woods will result in unforeseen terror that will threaten everyone. Leith will be seen in this episode and despite his new title and some property to show, Greer will not accept his proposal.

"Reign" has been renewed for Season 2.

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