‘Reign’ Episode 20 ‘Higher Ground’: Mary Gets her Army of Monsters [RECAP & SPOILERS]

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Francis is on the battlefield, trying to encourage his dispirited soldiers to advance, defeat the British soldiers, and get back Calais. Francis is slowly emerging as the natural leader and is winning some battles. However, leaders also need some help, as Leith saves his life by killing a British soldier who was all set to attack Francis while he was tackling another British soldier. Afterwards, when Leith gets injured during a battle, Francis asks him to hold on to life, and remember the person who must be waiting for him. Francis promises to give Leith a title and some property, which will make him a man of status and a suitable match for his lady love [Greer].

Meanwhile at the castle, Queen Catherine refuses to help Mary even after knowing that Marie de Guise desperately needs help and money to escape the Protestants who have surrounded the castle in Scotland.  Mary takes the help of a mercenary and asks him to steal Catherine's secret stash of money. The mercenary kidnaps Catherine while she is confessing her sins to a priest. He blindfolds her and keeps her chained. Queen Catherine agrees to reveal the location of her stash in exchange for the head of the person who had ordered her kidnapping.  

Mary makes Catherine's cousin, Hortense, the culprit, after she realises that Hortense intends to kill servant Beatrice. Hortense also reveals to Mary that it is her soldiers who had killed Mary's men at the brothel on the orders of Catherine. She also threatens to kill Mary and deal with Catherine when she returns. The mercenary gives Catherine the head of Hortense and she has no other option but to give him the location of her stash.

In addition to the money, Mary also gets her own team of soldiers. Hortense's ruthless men have become Mary's monsters. She wants her hired mercenary to lead these men to Scotland and help her mother.

Also in the episode, Kenna asks Bash to find out about Julien, as she wants to protect Lola's heart. Lola confesses that she has fallen in love with Julien, but cannot trust him. Bash finds out that Julien is planning to go on a hunting trip, without the necessary equipments and dogs. Julien is planning to abandon Lola, as he has received her dowry money. He married Lola for her money. Julien, however, changes his mind and comes back to Lola, saying that he loves her. He also confesses that he has no money of his own and promises that there will be no more lies. Julien makes her believe that with time, she will start to trust him, again.  

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