‘Reign’ Episode 18 ‘No Exit’ Spoilers: Francis Uncovers a Plot that would Destroy Mary

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The episode 18 of 'Reign' is titled "No Exit." The episode will feature Joe Doyle as Mary's brother, James. He will arrive at the castle to take Mary back to Scotland. The synopsis of the episode suggests that Francis would be suspicious about James' motive and will uncover a plot to destroy Mary.

According to the synopsis of the episode, James convinces Mary to return to Scotland. However, a suspicious Francis would find the truth behind his motive. The synopsis alludes to a friction between the two.   

In the previous episode, the kitchen servant, Penelope, played a smart game, as the Queen for a day. She won a Castle contest to become the Queen of France for a day. Penelope, however, had no intention to return the Queen's crown at the end of the day. Thinking long-term, she enticed King Henry, sexually charming him as well as revealing to King Henry about Queen Catherine's plan to drug him.   

In the new episode, King Henry will continue to be erratic and his "downward spiral will continue." The synopsis suggests that Penelope is set to take advantage of King Henry's madness and take the control in her hands. This will make Queen Catherine and Kenna to team-up and take some "drastic measures" to push Penelope back in the kitchen. They might succeed, as these two together can be a lethal force.

Also in the previous episode, Lord Julien called-off his and Greer's arranged marriage, after he saw Greer and Leith kissing. After Greer came to know about Lola's pregnancy, she suggested Lord Julien's name as a potential match for Lola. In "No Exit," Lola will become "wary about Lord Julien's motives behind his marriage proposal," according to the synopsis.

The synopsis does not mention anything about Bash. In the previous episode, King Henry forced him and Kenna to get married. It is highly unlikely that Bash and Kenna will behave like husband and wife. It will be interesting to see what happens to this married couple.   

"Not Exit" will not air this Thursday, as "Reign" Episode 18 is scheduled to air on April 17, 2014. 

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