‘Reign’ Episode 17 ‘Monsters’ 'RECAP': Bash Gets Married [Spoilers]

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"Reign" Episode 16, "Monsters," features one of the most unexpected twists of the first season. King Henry forces Bash and Kenna to marry. A crying Kenna and a reluctant Bash have no other option, but to say their wedding vows, as King Henry pulls out his sword. Also, King Henry makes Bash the 'Master of Horse and Hunt' when Kenna complains that Bash does not have a title. The King had promised Kenna that he would get her married to a man of title.

In the episode, the King also reveals to Francis and Bash that he had ordered the killing of Bash, as he saw Bash coveting for things that belongs to Francis and sacrifices have to be made. The wedding is a mad King's mad idea to keep the harmony between Francis and Bash.

What Else Happened in "Monsters":

Bash arrives in the castle to seek help to decimate the monster in the woods and find Rowan. King Henry sees him and puts him in a dungeon. Mary visits him in his prison cell and he tells her he had come to seek help and not for her. He tells her about the monster in the woods and the abduction of Rowan.

Francis finds Bash and Mary coming out of the dungeon. He does not believe Bash's story of the monster in the woods. Bash, however, has Olivia to confirm his story. Francis and Mary meet Olivia. She makes Francis believe that there exists a monster in the woods, which according to Nostradamus is a human.

Francis is convinced that Bash is telling the truth and decides to eliminate the monster. He, Bash and the castle's guards follow a trail in the snow. Soon, Francis falls in an ice-sinkhole and is trapped inside. Bash breaks the ice top and saves Francis' life. At the castle, Francis wants to know why Bash saved his life. Bash says he is his brother. Later, Francis protects Bash from the wrath and sword of King Henry. Seeing this brotherly love, King Henry spares Bash's life but gets him married to Kenna.

Queen Catherine seeks Nostradamus help, as King Henry has turned into a dangerous lunatic. Nostradamus gives her a potion, which will put the King in a comatose state. Penelope is introduced as the kitchen girl who wins a contest, which makes her Queen for the day. The Queen gives Penelope the potion, asking her to think long-term. She wants Penelope to put the potion in King Henry's drink. Penelope turns out to be a smart, wicked girl. She reveals to the King what the Queen had asked her to do and the King mixes the potion in the Queen's drink. Queen Catherine faints, soon after realising that she has been drugged. [It looks like Penelope is set to take advantage of King Henry's madness.] Nostradamus helps the Queen to come out of the unconscious state. At Bash's wedding, Queen Catherine is watching the wedding ceremony, sitting in a chair, in a groggily state.  

Lord Julian, who arrives in the castle as the arranged match for Greer, finds Leith and Greer kissing. He decides not to marry Greer. Lord Peppercorn ensures that Leith escapes his dread fate in the dungeon and is drafted in the army. Leith is sent-off with the other soldiers. Greer accepts Lord Peppercorn's proposal.

Mary informs Lola that Lord Julian can be a good match for her, and it was suggested by Greer herself. Mary feels that her marriage will fall apart if Lola does not marry soon. Lola and Lord Julian are shown to be getting along with each other.

Bash expresses to Mary that he still has feelings for her.    

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