'Reign' Episode 16 Spoilers/Preview: Bash Saves Francis Life in 'Monsters' [VIDEO]

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"Reign" Season 1 is slowly inching towards its finale, with unexpected twists and turns. The episode 16 of "Reign" is titled "Monsters." In the previous episode, "The Darkness," Rowan was taken away by the monster of the woods. Bash arrived in front of the castle, with Rowan's brother, to seek help from the people in the castle to find and rescue Rowan.

The preview clip of "Monsters" indicates that Bash will seek Francis' help to decimate the darkness living in the woods. It may take Olivia's words to convince Francis that there 'really' is a monster in the woods. According to Reign's spoilers, Francis will reluctantly help Bash to "uncover the threats in the woods." This will put Francis' life in danger.

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In the preview clip, Francis can be seen falling in an ice-sinkhole and a thick layer of ice top trapping him inside. The synopsis of "Monsters" suggests that Bash will save Francis' life. This act of saving might dissolve the hostility between the two step-brothers.     

 Meanwhile, a servant will become the object of King Henry's new obsession. Also, he will force another couple into a reunion. It might be possible that Greer will be the one who will be forced to take vows, as she will be seen kissing the kitchen boy.

Talking about 'The Darkness', Anna Popplewell, who portrays Mary, said to TVLine: "In addition to all the scheming in French Court, there's also this overwhelming threat from outside. You'll see that come to the front in the last few episodes of the season."

Popplewell also indicated that there is something "exciting" that happens for Bash during the remaining episodes. She also did not rule out the possibility of major deaths in the upcoming episodes. The actress indicated that Lola could give birth to a child before the end of Season 1, as there is "definitely more time jumps between now and the end of the season, and we'll be moving the plot along very rapidly."

Official Synopsis of "Reign" Episode 16 "Monsters":  "Bash saves Francis' life while they're in the woods exploring the latest ominous threat. Meanwhile, Henry becomes obsessed with a servant who won a contest; Greer is seen kissing a kitchen servant; and Henry forces a new couple into a union."

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