‘Reign’ Episode 15 Spoilers ‘The Consummation’: Who will Mary Marry?


"Reign" returns on February 26, 2014, with episode 14, titled "Royal Blood." This episode will feature the kidnapping of King Henry and Queen Catherine's younger children by Clarissa. Queen Catherine will be seeking Mary and Bash's help to find her children. Also, episode 14 will see the return of Francis to the castle. The synopsis of "Royal Blood" suggests that Francis and Lola will come closer, after he rescues her when Lola tries to clear her brother's debt.

The CW has released the synopsis of episode 15, "The Consummation," as well. This episode will introduce Mary's mother. "Reign" has roped in Amy Brenneman to play Mary's mother, Marie de Guise.  E! Online had reported that the mother will come to throw Mary "off-kilter." Adelaide Kane had said that Marie de Guise's "character's kind of delicious and sort of Catherine-esque in her manipulations."

"Where Catherine uses her children, she still ultimately loves them and wants their happiness. With Marie de Guise, she does use Mary, and it's questionable whether or not she's emotionally invested in Mary's emotional well-being," Kane had said.

According to the synopsis of "The Consummation," Marie de Guide is likely to arrive at the castle with her own agenda. Her arrival is not going to please King Henry and Queen Catherine, as they have their own plans for France.

Now that Francis is back in the castle, interesting love triangle, or quadrangle, can fire-up the conflict in the upcoming episodes. The synopsis of Episode 15 suggests that Francis will return to the castle with Lola at his side, which is set to complicate matters.

 Also, Mary has to decide whom she wants to marry -- Francis or Bash. "With a forced marriage looming, Mary must consider both her heart and her nation when deciding whom she will wed," according to the synopsis of the episode, "The Consummation."

In the last couple of episodes, Mary and Bash have grown closer and their bond has strengthened. The synopsis of Episode 15 suggests that Mary's heart still belongs to Francis.

The CW has renewed "Reign" for Season 2. 

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