'Reign' Episode 14 'Dirty Laundry' Spoilers: Brothers No More [VIDEO]

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The honeymoon period is not going to last long for Mary and Francis, as life-changing situation will affect them in "Dirty Laundry." Mary married Francis in "The Consummation," as she realised that she loves Francis more than she loves Bash. Nostradamus' new vision -- which altered again -- freed her from the fear that she will be the cause of Francis' death. The fake news of Queen of England's death speeded-up the wedding ceremony.

The preview and the synopsis of "Reign" Episode 14, "Dirty Laundry," indicate that it will not be a smooth sailing for the newly married couple. Also, Bash returns to the castle, and as the preview clip suggests, he will be in a mood to take down Francis. In the previous episode, Francis had asked Bash to take the exile route if he wants to escape his misfortune. In the woods, Bash had killed two guards who were ordered by someone in the castle to kill him. Bash suspects that Francis had ordered the guards to kill him. Bash can be seen saying in the preview clip, "if I find out he [Francis] tried to kill me, I'll take him down myself."


After killing the guards, Bash had galloped away deeper in the woods. In the upcoming episode, he will meet Olivia, portrayed by Yael Grobglas, in the woods. The synopsis of the episode says that Olivia is an "escaped victim of the terrors of the woods." Bash will find her in a state of confusion. He will seek Nostradamus to help terrified Olivia.

The synopsis of "Dirty Laundry" also alludes to Lola's strange behaviour. This might be related to her and Francis' romp in the bed. According to the synopsis, "Mary (Adelaide Kane) returns from her honeymoon and, suspicious of Lola's strange behaviour, uncovers a deception that changes everything."

Meanwhile, it looks like King Henry's "odd behaviour" will cause him great misfortune. This misfortune will force him seek the help of Queen Catherine. It will be interesting to see what terms and conditions Queen Catherine put forward, before helping King Henry.

Norma Bailey has directed the episode. Edgar Lyall has written the teleplay, while Drew Lindo has written the story.

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