‘Reign’ Episode 13 ‘The Consummation’ RECAP: Mary Loves Bash, Yet Loves Francis More [SPOILERS]

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The conflict in "Reign" comes because of Nostradamus' prophecy. And, "Reign" might wrap-up soon if there is no prophecy-teller to instil fear, and then dissipate that fear because of a new vision. But, there is a twist again, as the old prophecy raises its head, again. That is exactly what happens in "Reign" Episode 14, "The Consummation."

In "The Consummation," Queen Catherine is preparing for her grand execution exit. Mary's mother arrives from Scotland, while Francis comes back to the castle, as well. He comes back with Lola. Mary's mother does not stop Mary from marrying Bash, but she makes her displeasure known. She tells her daughter that she sent her to marry the prince of France, and not a bastard. Mary correctly guesses that her mother has come to stop her marriage to Bash. She wants to get married to Bash at a Church in a village that same day. She wants them to elope and get married. Bash heads-off to make the arrangement.

Nostradamus gets a new vision. He tells Queen Catherine that since her first child, Clarissa, is dead, there is no threat to Francis' life if he weds Mary. Queen Catherine tells Francis about it and convinces him to stop Mary and Bash's wedding. Before Mary, Francis reaches the place where Bash is waiting for Mary. A fight ensues, as Francis accuses Bash of playing on Mary's fear. Mary stops them from fighting. When Francis informs her about Nostradamus' new vision, Mary decides to have a talk with the Queen first.

Queen Catherine tells her that the prophecy has altered because of Clarissa's death. Mary is unable to trust her words, but knows that the Queen will never put her life ahead of her sons. Mary is unsure about her feelings, as she loves both Bash and Francis.

A messenger arrives with the news that Queen of England has passed away. This news makes King Henry to order the wedding of Mary with one of his sons the same day. Queen Catherine gives Mary an envelope, telling her that it is a note from Vatican about Bash's legitimisation. She tells Mary that she loves one of the men more.

Mary goes to meet Bash, and tells him that she cannot marry him. She loves him, but she loves Francis more. She runs to Francis and the two kiss. Francis is happy to know that she is ready to marry. The note from Vatican is blank. It was Queen Catherine's way of showing what is truly in Mary's heart. Mary says to Francis, "It is you, it is always you."

Francis warns Bash to keep a distance and go in exile if he wants to survive. Mary and Francis get married. Queen Catherine and Mary come to know that Queen of England has not passed away. Mary's mother had sent the messenger with the fake news. Nostradamus discovers that Clarissa is not dead, and his vision alters again. And, it is again about Francis' death.

King Henry stops Bash from going away, without seeing the consummation of Mary and Francis. He wants him to see what belongs to him, and what does not. Mary's friends, Bash and others are present to see Mary and Francis make love. Mary and Bash's eyes meet.   

Later in the woods, Bash kills two of the guards who are accompanying him, as they have been ordered to kill him by someone at the castle. It can be Francis or Queen Catherine. After killing them, Bash rides away in the dark. 

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