‘Reign’ Episode 12 Spoilers/Preview: Francis Returns, Comes Closer to Lola, Tragic Results in ‘Royal Blood’ [VIDEO]

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"Reign" Episode 11, "Inquisition," revealed that the castle ghost, Clarissa, is Queen Catherine's daughter. Clarissa was abandoned right after her birth, as she was born with a mark on her face. She is the daughter of Queen Catherine's lover, and not King Henry's. In the upcoming episode, "Royal Blood," Clarissa will kidnap the younger sons of King Henry and Queen Catherine.

In the preview clip, Queen Catherine can be seen telling Mary, "She [Clarissa] said that I'd get what I deserved." In the previous episode, Queen Catherine had refused to acknowledge Clarissa as her daughter, which might have triggered this reaction. The official synopsis of "Royal Blood" suggests that Queen Catherine has to work with Mary and Bash to find her missing children. The synopsis hints at "tragic results." It is likely that one of Queen Catherine's children might die.

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Finally, Francis returns in this episode. He will help Lola. The synopsis indicates that these two will come closer in the upcoming episode of "Reign." According to official Synopsis of "Reign" Episode 12, "Royal Blood," "When Lola attempts to help her brother with a debt he owes, Francis rescues her, causing the two of them to grow closer."

Francis deserves a new love in his life, as Bash and Mary are growing closer by each episode. In "Inquisition," Mary said to Bash that her heart is open, indicating that she is ready to accept his love. Mary and Bash have been kissing each other a lot, without any inhibition. The two are in the process of understanding each other. Mary's conduct no longer gives the impression that she is in love with Francis.

The Queen of Scotland has been at Bash's side ever since she announced her intention to marry him. It was a decision made because of Nostradamus' prophecy that Francis and Mary's marriage will cause the death of Francis. To protect Francis, Mary came-up with the solution that she will marry Bash. And, Bash agreed to marry Mary for the same reason. However, Bash and Mary's relationship is evolving into a relationship of trust, respect, admiration and love.

It will be interesting to watch Francis' reaction to Bash and Mary's growing closeness.

"Royal Blood" is scheduled to air on February 27, 2014.

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