Regardless if Mayweather Clash Happens or Not, Pacquiao’s Rematch With Bradley Most Important Since De La Hoya Fight

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Manny Pacquiao has made his name in the world of boxing by defeating some of the biggest names in the sport, but his victory against Oscar De La Hoya in 2008 has even furthered his super stardom. However, Pacquiao's promoter thinks that Pacquiao's rematch with Timothy Bradley, regardless if a Floyd Mayweather happens or not, is the most important fight for the multi-division world champion since he clashed with De La Hoya.

Speaking to The Telegraph Sport, Arum said that not only Pacquiao's rematch with Bradley important, but it is risky as well. The Hall of Fame promoter went on and said that boxing fans wouldn't have bought the ticket for the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch if they already knew what is going to happen. "If it's something that we know what the outcome is going to be, why the hell would people bother," said Arum.

According to Arum, Pacquiao is going to try to set the record straight to prove to everyone that Bradley's victory, when they met the first time, was a stroke of luck. He said that Pacquiao has been training so hard and feels confident about the upcoming rematch. However, Arum pointed out that he is not getting any younger and he's probably coming to terms with his aging while Bradley is often regarded as an underrated fighter who is not really considered as good as he actually is. Arum thinks Pacquiao can win but the Filipino fighter should exert a lot of effort to snag the victory in their rematch. "It's not going to be easy," he said.

In addition, Arum thinks that Pacquiao can bring entertainment to all boxing fans in the world for his rematch on April 12. "I think he does," he said when asked if Pacquiao needs to bring out something special in himself for the upcoming Bradley clash. "Whether he ever fights Floyd Mayweather or doesn't fight Mayweather, this is the most important fight of Manny's career, next to the Oscar De La Hoya fight," Arum said.

Arum was then asked the million-dollar question as a conclusion. Is the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight ever going to happen? Arum gave an unambiguous yet comprehensible explanation.

"This really reminds me of what Hitler did before the Second World War," he said. "Give me this, give me that and there'll be peace," he added.

"Manny knows that Mayweather doesn't want to fight him and he knows that making one concession after another, and God knows he's made plenty of concessions."

"This is not rocket science, if Mayweather wants to fight, let's sit down in a room and negotiate the fight."


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