Reebok Launches Bacon Line to Lure CrossFit and Paleo Diet Fans

Both Crowds Went Ham for Bacon, said Reebok
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Usain Bolt of Jamaica celebrates next to the scoreboard after setting a new world record in the men's 100 meters race next at the Reebok Grand Prix athletics meet in New York, May 31, 2008. Reuters

At the 2014 Reebok CrossFit Games, Reebok, a manufacturer of athletic shoes and accessories, launched a line of bacon. The self-branded bacon line was started to allure the Paleo Diet and CrossFit community fans.

Reebok, sponsor of the CrossFit Games which was held from July 22 to 27 in Carson, California, brought out its promotional products for the people. A food truck named the Reebok Bacon Box was brought on the event site and bacon treats were distributed to the attendees. Some of which were the bacon wrapped artichokes, bacon-wrapped seasoned pork belly and carne asada.

The executive creative director at Venables Bell & Partners, Will McGinness, who helped create this project, said that the move was made to engage with the CrossFit community in an authentic, memorable way. The CrossFit community loves bacon, they eat and talk about it, he stated. "Some even wear clothes featuring it. We wanted to embrace the love of bacon and build something fun for the community, while remaining authentic to its spirit."

Reebok said that its self-branded bacon line was a natural fit, as CrossFitters often follow the Paleo diet and vice-versa, and both crowds go ham for bacon. This love for bacon is what inspired them to start this new bacon line.

Paleo's diet stresses on unprocessed food, keeping in mind that Reebok's bacon is uncured and includes no preservatives, nitrates, MSG or sweeteners. The Paleo diet has been followed by several people, including Tim McGraw who stated that due to the CrossFit and Paleo, he lost 40 pounds. Megan Fox is also a fan of the diet; she shed all her baby weight in five months, thanks to the diet.

The diet has become very popular among the masses; scientific study further suggests that the diet boosts weight loss twice as much as a normal diet would. A two-year study conducted by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition tracked 70 overweight, post menstrual women. They were asked to follow either a low-fat diet or a low-carb Paleo diet, it was seen that those who followed the low-carb Paleo diet lost twice the weight than those following the low fat diet. It was twice as effective for weight loss, melting fat around the stomach and controlling diabetes as well.

The Paleo diet prescribes high-quality animal proteins, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits and stresses on the avoidance of gluten, sugar, dairy, legumes, starches, alcohol and processed foods.

Reebok, however, has not announced if the bacon would be made available to the general masses. Bacon lovers can only be hopeful of that, but the porcine treats were a huge hit at the 2014 CrossFit Games.

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