Red Nexus 5 Is Looking Pretty in Leaked Press Render, February 4 Release and Released Specs

By @peevesky on

Recently, Google announced that the Nexus 5 has been one of its best selling products alongside Chromebooks. Contrary to what was reported previously, Google does not appear to be planning on stopping the Nexus program. It was previously reported that tech giant is pulling the plug on production. However, recent announcements from Google saying that it considers the Nexus 5 a winner indicates otherwise. In fact, new leaked images show that Google may be releasing a red Nexus soon. 

It has been quite a ride for the red Nexus 5. Initially, there were rumors saying that Google will be releasing a red variant. However, there are no further details to go from except from leaked information. It was not until leaked images surfaced did people started to believe that the product could be true. 

According to a report by Android Police, a tipster sent an image right from Sprint's internal documentation. The documentation was given to employees informing them of the Nexus 5. According to Sprint, the device will be available Google Play starting February 4. 

The notice serves as a reminder to employees about proving customers with the required UICC SIM cards. The SIM card will be provided for specified devices under Google Play for free. According to the report, the notice was given so that no one at the company will be caught off guard regarding the new color. 

The message appears like Sprint will not be carrying the red device in stores. This is not surprising. Sprint and T-Mobile only provide the black unit. While there are no official announcements from Google, people may have an additional gift idea for valentines. If the device will not arrive February 4, it may arrive later in February. 

As for those who are still unsure whether Google will have a red Nexus 5, notorious tipster @evleaks has also tweeted about the device. The tipster tweeted about a beautiful render image of the red Nexus 5. It shows how people will see the device under Google Play Store. Google should make the device official soon. People will have to wait for official announcement if there are any changes in the features. 

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