Red Hot Chili Peppers Makes Reappearance on Late Night TV: Chad Smith and Will Ferrell 'Drum-Off' on 'The Tonight Show,' RHCP Drummer Hints New Album [WATCH]

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The touted long-lost "twin brothers" actor Will Ferrell and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith engaged in a little smack talk and "Drum-off" on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" on Friday, May 23.

Before the drum-off, Ferrell and Smith sat down the interview couch to talk to Fallon and explain the history of their feud. Ferrell and Smith purposefully dressed alike, wearing matching blue baseball caps, black leather jackets, Kiss "Destroyer" T-shirts, jeans, and low-cut Nike dunk sneakers. Each guy impersonates the other to add comedy to the interview.

The anticipated drum-off all began when one fan noticed Ferrell's resemblance to RHCP's drummer during the actor's participation on Reddit's "Ask Me Anything" chat last February. Smith obliged to the fans' requests to do a drum-off for charity. Ferrell is raising money for Cancer for College, and Smith, for Little Kids Rock.

Before the anticipated battle, Fallon asks Ferrell (who acts out as Smith) what he was doing when he heard of about an imposter. "Yeah. I was jammin'. I was jammin' with the Chili Peppers, with my guys. At our jamhouse," says Ferrell. "I'm like, 'Flea, this is bull. I'm tired of not getting enough respect as Chad Smith.' I'll be honest, I'm a little high right now," reported Rolling Stone.

Chad Smith laughs from Ferrell's impression of him. Ferrell, who hilariously acts, drinks the "Chad Smith Go Juice,'" which he says was made from one of RHCP's jamhouses.

Ending the interview to start the drum-off, Fallon says in the video, "I think you can feel the crispiness in the air. You know what the audience wants. You know what I want. You guys ready to do this?" But before the batlle, Ferrell reveals which is who to avoid confusion. "We were tricking you that whole time. This is Chad Smith, and I am Will Ferrell," says Ferrell.

Smith shows off his drum skills, doing paradiddles, and stick throws through each successive round. Ferrell on the other hand dispels his obvious inferiority in drum skills and comments, "That was cute, do you play for the Luke Warm Chili Peppers?"

Ferrell fights his way in the drum-off with the help of Queslove, who drums in his stead while the actor acts like he's killing it on the drum set. Eventually, Fallon declares Ferrell as the winner, rewarding him a big cowbell.

Then the rest of the Red Hot Chili Peppers surprises the audience for a performance on a late night show last seen in 2006. RHCP performs Funkadelic's 1974 track "Standing on the Verge of Getting It On" with the Roots and "Give It Away."

With Smith and the rest of RHCP's recent appearance on late night TV, the band's drummer revealed that they are working on a new album. Smith reveals that the band is currently recording a follow-up for their 2011's "I'm With You."

Smith says tha the band is just in the early stages of recording the album, and they're just been into it in the past couple of months.Smith concluded it's not yet definite what the sound of their new album will be. He promises it is going to be new and different from their previous album which was released three years ago.

CREDIT: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

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