Red Equal Sign: Support for Equality Rights Campaign on Gay Marriage Spreads on the Internet [PHOTOS]


The Human Rights Campaign on gay marriage showed its support with the sharing of a red equal sign image on numerous social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. However, the symbol received mixed reactions from millions of social media users where some posted the Red Equal Sign to show support while the others shared funny images instead.

Different funny images of the Red Equal Sign appeared on the social networking sites including the Internet sensation "Grumpy Cat" with the explanation that marriage equality will make her happy and Sesame Street's duo Bert and Ernie featured against the image's red background.

Another image shows American cook Paula Deen on top of the red equal sign with the caption: "It's like two sticks of butter y'all." Martha Stewart's Facebook page showed the image of a red cake slice with white icing to make the equal symbol while the HBO page for "True Blood" added fangs to the red equal sign.

The people who showed support on the "Gay Marriage" campaign include famous celebrities like Beyonce and Fergie. Beyonce shared the image to her millions of fans with the personal message that reads: "It's about TIME!!! #EQUALITY #MarryWhoYouLove" while Fergie attached the Red Equal Sign image with the caption: "No words necessary."

Montana Sen. John Tester, a Democrat who endorsed same-sex marriage on Tuesday, put the logo up as his profile on Facebook while the clothing site Bonobos swapped its usual Facebook pic for the red square using fancy white pants for the equal sign.

The Human Rights Campaign made the "Gay Marriage" equality symbol available in red that represents the color of love. "It shows the enthusiasm and the passion. There's a lot of serious conversation going on and there's an awful lot of important concepts that the Supreme Court justices are discussing. What this logo going viral means is individuals have reduced it to a very straightforward concept," spokesman Fred Sainz stated.

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