Recount V. Stiviano’s Encounter With the Law; Sterling’s Mistress Arrested 4 Times in the Last 12 Years

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As if V. Stiviano's recent leaked tape scandal and lawsuit with Donald Sterling's wife weren't bad enough to begin with, a recent report exposes her criminal records in the last 12 years. Apparently, Stiviano seemed to have a knack for getting arrested. She had reportedly committed four crimes using five different aliases.

TMZ reported that Stiviano was "a true chameleon," after having caught committing various crimes and using different names in all the three of the four instances that she was arrested.

In 2002, Stiviano was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for petty theft. She was sentenced and put on probation. The name that Stiviano used to identify herself back then was Vanessa Maria Perez. Two years later, in 2004, Stiviano was arrested again. This time around, the Santa Monica police department held her for felony burglary and petty theft. She was identified as Vanessa Maria Perez. The third time that she used the previously mentioned alias was in 2010. The LAPD caught her in possession of a controlled substance.

In 2012, Stiviano was caught by California Highway Patrol for driving under the influence (DUI). She used Monica Gallegos as her name.

According to the court records obtained by TMZ, Stiviano also used the aliases Maria Valdez, Maria Vanessa Perez and Mariamonica Perez Gallegos.

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Speaking to The Los Angeles Times, Stiviano's lawyer Mac Nehoray revealed that the two petty theft cases were already deleted from her record because she has already completed the probation. The DUI charge was reportedly a mistake, Nehoray claimed. He said that Stiviano was only speeding but not driving under the influence of any substance.

Stiviano's criminal convictions in the past is currently being studied after she expressed her intentions of adopting children amidst the ongoing racist leaked tape scandal.

Maria Vanessa Perez is actually Stiviano's real name, Huffington Post reported. She only filed a petition to change her name to V. Stiviano in 2010, citing racial discrimination as one of her reasons.


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