Recipients of the Macworld / iWorld 2014 Best of Show Awards

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The recent Macworld/iWorld Expo March 27-29 at San Francisco was filled with companies showcasing their products.

The following are the Best of the Show winners by Macworld:

Akitio Palm RAID

It is a palm-sized storage device that houses an Msata SSDs pair and a tethered Thunderbolt cable. This bus-powered device comes in 256 GB and 512 GB capacities.

Arcsoft Simplicam

This is a home monitoring system which combines an easy-to-use app and a well-designed camera. It has a facial recognition feature that lets you setup alerts based on certain pets or people. You do not need to record footage on everyone. You can schedule recordings or check on live footage in a 720p HD video. The footages are saved to the cloud service of Simplicam so you can access them anywhere.

Binary Formations Chore-inator

This iOS device can help you motivate kids to do their chores. Use your iOS device with Chore-inator and organize the things to be done. Set up a list of chores, and you can have the kids check them out if they are done. They can even take pics to provide proof. If you give rewards to the kids upon successful completion of to-do list, the app also lets you track them.


BusyContacts is a replacement Apple's Calendar app on the Mac. This app has customizable tagging, smart filters, grouping entries and views. It syncs with Google contacts, Exchange, iCloud, generic CardDAV-based services and major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. It integrates with BusyCal and the two form a personal CRM system.


It is sometimes a hassle to secure network connections. That is where Cloak comes in. The most recent version of Cloak lets you define the trusted Wi-Fi networks so that when you join an untrusted network, Cloak will secure the connection automatically over a Virtual Private Network (VPN).  You can choose from service plans $4 a week, $10 a month or $100 a year - all with unlimited data. There is also a mini plan that allows the use of up to 5 GB of data for $3 a month.

Creaceed Emulsio

If your hands are shaky and taking sports footage, Emulsio can help you. The app has a powerful stabilization engine which works under-the-hood to bring a smooth HD video.

Flir One

Flir One gives night vision to an iPhone user. You may have wished of having heat vision in your iOS device for times when you look for cats in the dark night? Whatever it is, Flir One outfits iPhone 5 with a thermal camera. Use it with this app and have infrared energy.

Goal Zero Sherpa 100 Power Pack

Use Goal Zero's Sherpa 100 Power Pack if you require many power and the flexibility to use it anywhere. It is a very light lithium-ion battery of 26,400 mAh, which can extend the battery of the MacBook Air by about 6 hours. With this power pack, you can also recharge an iPad many times.


Using Kamino is as simple as putting on your walking shoes, go and have your next adventure. You can plan a hike or create one and share. You can also hike with other Kamino users.

Kanex Thunderbolt Adapters

You may need an adapter to connect devices to your MacBook Air as Apple relies on Thunderbolt. Kanex has two Thunderbolt adapters - one has eSATA and the other has gigabit ethernet. Both have USB 3 each.

Sonoma Wire Works Guitar Jack Stage

Sonoma Wire Works creates products to help musicians enjoy playing. The Guitar Jack Stage is a high-quality interface with instruments and stereo mic/line output and input. It is even possible with the Guitar Jack Stage to charge iPad while the user is jamming.

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