Recap: American Idol Ends Audition Episodes in Oklahoma City [PHOTOS/VIDEOS]

American Idol Begins Hollywood Week in its Next Episodes


As audition episodes for American Idol ends in Oklahoma City this week, judges have seemingly found their respective places in one of the top-rated reality television show in the United States.

Randy Jackson has been described by the Huffington Post to be "taking his judging gig too seriously," as Keith Urban continues to be sensitive and "inoffensive" in giving his take on every contestant before him.

The unsurprising drama and the gap between Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey have also been bridged in its third week. Carey lives up to what the audience had earlier expected of her, being this season's "prime diva."

 And Nicki Minaj, earlier accused of "worshipping the evil" according to is one to be watched out for as the Hollywood week begins next week.  If looks could be translated to ratings figures, then the endless facial expression consistenly made by Minaj could help Idol redeem its top ranking position in terms of audience share and earnings.

As for Ryan Seacrest, it looks like he is one to have had the greatest place on the show even after seen bumping chests with a contestant.

This week's episode of the American Idol  passed but without such a drama as the show's wannabees struggled to impress upon the judges to earn the elusive golden ticket to Hollywood.

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Karl Skinner

The 26-year-old pizza chef, Karl Skinner from Joplin Oklahoma has "lit up the room" according to Idol Judge Randy Jackson, noting  that he could be an "Idol mascot."

Nate Tao

He gave the audience the first impression that he was one "unassuming" Sign Language Instructor  but the 24-year-old  stuns the judges when he started belting out "Once in my Life."


Halie Hilbum

Accompanied by her puppet, Halie Hilbum was introduced at the auditions in Oklahoma City, impressing  Ryan Seacrest and even the judges with her companion and her talent that goes with Oscar.

Kayden Stephenson

Diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at 18 months, Kayden Stephenson made a surprised ending of the week's auditions. In the introductory video shown before she sang before the audience, 16-year-old Stephenson said that he must have lived half his life, revealing that his life expectancy is 35 years with the diagnosis.

Matheus Fernandes

The moment he stepped on his spot at the audition room, 21-year old computer sales person, Matheus Fernandes had one question on his mind. And he was not shy to ask about it from his four judges as he asked, "First of all, is there a height limitation [in this contest]?"


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